Kansas Dorm of the Future...

  • The future is almost here!

    All I can say is WOW! Looks outstanding… I’d only add in a few extras:

    Spa - they should have a spa where the guys can go for a hot soak. A sauna would be nice, too. And last, a Turkish heat stone and bath would be the final touch. There should be a few massage tables, too. It could even have a small swim pool for therapy and fun.

    Solarium - perfect for a study area or to just grab some winter sun. It helps give energy, vitamin D and light to fight off winter depression.

    Nutritional Garden - in the kitchen area there should be a small inside garden area to grow sprouts, wheat/barley grass, micro-greens and other necessary nutrients. A sports nutritionist should be integrated to manage and teach.

    Add in those features and we’d never have to worry about another school making a better dorm.

  • I want the pool table Jayhawk felt for my own table…

  • I’d add security guards.

    Protect the players from the fans. Plus to keep an eye on the players so they can’t be charged with anything such as drugs, fighting, sexual assut and so on.

  • Test post.

  • Hey…

    I replayed the video above and froze it on the first graphic…

    “10 Campaign”

    “A Campaign To Continue The Legacy”

    So I guess that is a marketing theme brought forward by the AD? Examine the rings. 10 rings. It looks like 7 B12 Championship rings, 2 NC Rings and a Runner-up.

    Anyone hear of the “10 Campaign” before?

  • I know it’s necessary to compete, but it sickens me at the same time.

    Four guys in a two bedroom apartment, two guys in a cramped dorm room, a musty concrete floored locker room, that’s what college kids need to experience because that’s what we all did when we were in school. And it was fun! It wasn’t miserable! I didn’t deserve luxury because I hadn’t accomplished anything yet. I graduated from HS, that’s all. Make me relatively miserable creature comforts wise for four or five years and then my payday comes and I can start to enjoy those creature comforts that I EARNED. These guys haven’t earned anything yet.

    Sure they can run and jump and shoot a ball. Whoop de doo!Stop treating them like they’re god’s gift to us hopelessly addicted fans. They’re not. My life goes on. When they lose each March or April, I get up to work the next day. In 1988 and 2008 when they closed the season with a BIG WIN, Larry or Bill didn’t call me up congratulating me for being a fan of the greatest program in college sports. Mario didn’t text me saying, “Hey Gantz, did you see that shot I made? Cool, Huh?”

    I know this rant won’t change anything, but we also shouldn’t be surprised when these spoiled (I’m talking in general terms, not just KU) kids do things that demonstrates they’re spoiled college athletes. (see Jameis Winston)

  • @wissoxfan83 +1 on that. Another sound reason why paying college athletes anything is absurd.

  • @wissoxfan83

    I had the exact reaction on the other thread about the locker room enhancements.

    This gives us all an idea of how important it is to recruit top talent. But I totally agree that these kids “short cut” past the no-frills environment we grew up in that helped build our character.

    I think this is a reflection of our society today… we live in a world of instant gratification… especially with the kids.

    Have you tried to hire a neighborhood kid to cut grass or shovel snow lately?

    Kids used to be out hustling all over the place… helping elders with their groceries for a small tip… whatever.

    I’m just trying to accept the situation and hope it pays off in recruiting.

  • @drgnslayr : I don’t think there are two national championship rings in the photo. It goes in order from the left with the ring from 2005 that started it all to the latest addition from last season at the right.

  • @Kip_McSmithers

    Going from left to right… the first NC ring is 4 and the second 6 and the NC-Runner Up 8. 4 and 8 are obvious… it is 6 I’m not sure about. It doesn’t make sense that they left it out. Maybe someone knows what ring 6 is… my bet is NC.

  • @drgnslayr do we get rings for big 12 tourney? ISU did!

  • @drgnslayr

    There are the the (top) rings won in the last 10 years. The 2008 conference ring has been replaced by the National Championship ring and the 2012 has been replaced by the Runner up ring.

  • Okay… #6 is not our '88 NC ring… here is what that one looks like:

    1988 Kansas NC Ring

    Looks more like a typical class ring instead of a NC ring… especially when you put it up against today’s standards.

  • @drgnslayr

    They are all Conference rings except the 4th has been replaced by the 2008 National Championship ring and the 8th has been replace by the 2012 National Runner up ring

    Here are pictures of the 2008 ring…

    2008 Ring…

    The 2012 is pretty obvious as it displays “RUNNER UP.”

  • @drgnslayr I have a big 8 champ track ring from the 70’s that looks just like it sans diamonds and “brown”. It’s one of my favorite possessions-mostly because it represents many years of hard work to get there.-still I only wear it on special occasions.

  • @drgnslayr : Number six was from the Cole’s Jr year, 2009-10.


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