KC takes Game One in Anaheim...

  • It was a 3-2 snoozer with not nearly the action as Tuesday vs the A’s, but a W is a W, so at least we know we’ll get 2 back at the stadium. Vargas kept the base runners at bay & the 2 long ones he gave up were just blips on the screen. Gotta admit our relievers kept giving up walks & when they did I was nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs for several innings, but hey, we’ll take it any way we can.

  • @globaljaybird defense played well! Some looooong pitching battles!

  • I think part of it was Tuesday was OAD and playing at home. Plus KC didn’t have the base runners they had Tuesday to add to the excitement. Although Aoki did his part to make it exciting.

  • @brooksmd much easier to bat last. Aoki smh. Somebody showed a map of his route home, hilarious. See if I can post itimage.jpg

  • Some of the circus catches the outfielders hauled in makes me think that maybe we’ve got some Karma at hand here LOL !! Jack Dempsey said a “Champion is a guy(s) that gets back up when he can’t.” They sure got knocked on their keyster Tuesday & kept getting back up over & over again. I’m starting to think these guys are a lot better than they are lucky.

  • I know you guys are going to think I’m crazy, but I knew Moose was going to hit it out of the park. I was talking to him while he was at the plate. :)

  • @DoubleDD thank you! Take care of it tomorrow too!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 LOL!

    The Royals are playing loose and with confidence and glee… Angels have all that talent, best record in the majors and on paper look like the dominant team. But the Royals are playing inspired baseball… the defense is spectacular. They look like they love being out there. That mentality is the x-factor so far.

    They will need to fight off fatigue over the next couple of games, but taking Game 1 was critical to give them a chance.

    @DoubleDD I was talking to Moose as well and thought I had the magic. Maybe our messages had some sort of cosmic harmonic convergence and determined the outcome! I’d like to think so!

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    :beers: My fandom for the Royals is eclipsed only by my fandom for the Jayhawks!

  • @bskeet I like the chiefs too! Exciting week for sure, let’s keep it going! Royals, chiefs and late pm!! Fun times!

  • Everybody loves the underdog and this bunch is the text book definition of underdogs!!!

  • @DoubleDD You’re right. We do think you’re crazy. lol

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