The problem with honesty…

  • … is you can only tell 5 guys they are likely starters, which then means your second 5 guys may not be ready to be starters, every one has a higher likelyhood of being what they are and not what they are not, because they are exactly what you promised them.

    And then when you realize you recruited a rapist to be your go get a bucket guy you are screwed.

  • That is… true.

  • Sounds like a Monty Python sketch:

    “When you recruited a Rapist to Be Your Go To Bucket Guy”

    Working on the lyrics now…ha.

    Yea, that was the downfall.

  • @approxinfinity having a quality bench is something that won’t happen a ton as we plunge further into the transfer portal and NIL. Your starting 5 has to be great and the bench will have to have at least two competent guys. We just don’t have that this season 3 of our starters were fine with me at the end.

  • Can we start making 2-year NIL deals with a payback clause if they go pro early?

  • @approxinfinity Can we come up with some crazy ass plan where you recruit a kid out of high school, they are loyal and stay with the same team for 4 years, you give them a full ride scholarship and tell them to go screw themselves if they want NIL money? Tell them they will make plenty of damn money with their pro salary or with the job they land with their college degree… bunch of candy ass, self righteous Richard Noggins.

  • @nuleafjhawk man if you think we were bad this year, try recruiting like a Colonial school

  • @nuleafjhawk sadly, we cant do that and also be good at basketball.

  • The schools and coaches that figure out NIL, the portal, and conference realignment the best are the ones who are going to be cutting down nets. Something that hasn’t been discussed among the talking heads that I’ve heard is the talks with the SEC and BIG to withdraw from the NCAA and do their own thing. How will that affect us? A lot I’d say.

    Not entirely comparable obviously but the Golf world is being rocked by LIV harming the PGA. You’d have to be a pretty regular follower to recognize the names of the players in this weeks tournament, the Velspar Championship. Even last weeks TPC, sometimes called the 5th major was missing many big names.

    Are we going to suffer the same? While the big boys of the SEC and BIG compete in their ‘league’, we’ll be competitive still in a watered down NCAA, but watching the big name players go to the bigger bucks of this new coalition.

  • @wissox if TV money goes back to the conferences, we’ll be in the Big Ten

  • @FarmerJayhawk From my Chicago perspective that would mean I’d get to see them locally far more often.

  • I honestly don’t care where KU ends up. Most of the good rivalries have been broken up by TV money. - Not likely that KU ends up in the SEC with KSU to extend most of the relevant rivalries (KSU, MU, OU).

    As for our current conference - I am sensing that Utah fans may be on the Missouri crappiness level though. Glad ISU is around to dislike healthily. KSU is always fun to beat. The rest can go pound sand. Most of the conference season this year felt like non-con. No history, no ties, no loyalty, just a bunch of nothing put together for TV and not the lifelong fans.

    Of all the schools that could/have been in the same conference really only the old big8 schools appeal to me. I am well aware that we aren’t going back to those days. In the current state of conferences I guess KU is in the right spot for now.

  • Waking up this morning and thinking back to January 10th. We sat in Orlando Florida with a 16 point lead and a 13-1 record while being ranked 3rd in the nation. The wheels began to come off that night as we would eventually lose by 5 and go 10-10 over the next 20 games……

  • Hard to believe this year’s 23-11 is KU’s worst record in 35 years. (19-12 in 1988-89)

    We have it pretty good!

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