2025 recruits - - -starting off well

  • Well starting off really well for 2025. - -We got our verbal today from Malachi Curvey , projected for linebacker here at KU - -has been playing some tight end but defense here. - -Pretty night pick up. Dad played for Iowa State, but said he wasn’t going to interfere with his sons recruitment. - He is a composite 4 * - but 247 says he is 3 * but very good player.

    Rated as the # 278 player in the nation according to the composite 3rd best out of Iowa–around Des Moines. - -One of the best things about it, we took him from other offers from – -Missouri - - Iowa State- - & K/State - no better Schools to win a recruitment – great pick up

    Add him to our QB commit - -David McComb - out of Oklahoma ranked as the # 453 Player-- -things starting off well

  • Hope we can hold on to these guys. It’s awful early.

  • @Gorilla72 said in 2025 recruits - - -starting off well:

    Hope we can hold on to these guys. It’s awful early.

    Me too bud, it’s always going to be a challenge. Long time to go before they officially commit. - -I think Mc Comb is pretty solid on his verbal, just a hunh but from what has beed reported , sounds like h is pretty committed.- - -Actually same with Curvey- - -after he made his last trip to Lawrence he shut his recruitment down , think he is pretty sold on the staff, visted multiple times. -we can hope.