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  • I’ve had some time to think about the banning/blocking thing and here’s my take. I think of this site as a community. That means that we do our best to hear and respect everyones voice.

    I think of the gamechats as a home. We are there to enjoy the company. Think of crowding around a tv in a single room. Now think of someone talking negatively, loudly after every single play about your coach, your best players, and the lack of talent on your team. No one in their right mind would invite that guy back if he cant tone it down.

    So thats the policy. With the gamechats in particular i reserve the right to ban someone who is excessively annoying too many people and off the rails. I plan to then reinstate them after the game and i hope that this is only extenuating circumstances. I remain committed to the enjoyment for the greatest number and a sense of good will, creativity, and community. I also appreciate that people have bad days, but a blatant disregard for other peoples enjoyment will be a problem. Finally, i still believe he who governs best governs least, and i do this only due to perceived necessity. I dont want anyone to feel they have to tread lightly. It goes back to our first and possibly only basic rule, written somewhere and pinned i think: dont be a dick.

    As always, if anyone feels like something doesnt sit right, Im available to talk about it.

    Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving.

    I appreciate you all and look forward to hitting the boards with you.

  • @approxinfinity this is a great idea. We all love KU and some of us (me included) get a little wound up at times. Hey! Nobody wants to lose to K-State or Marquette, and it’s easy to fly off the rails, but hopefully the sense of community will remind us that we’re all in this together. This world is hard enough now without us being against each other.

  • Are we even really even sure he was a true KU fan ? - -or a troll posing a a KU Fan ? - -I know I can be negative when we just not playing smart , careless passes and crazy turnovers. But even the positive he said was just like sarcasm just dripping. - -every single comment seemed like just brought the room down- -When I saw the ban I thought welp - -don’t know what to tell you . I think you do a great job maintaining the room bud— takes a lot of work - - takes a lot of patience - you did what you thought was the right thing to do, and you will hear no objections from me. I mean I was seeing other posters that I hadn’t even see that much on the chat and seen from responses he was even getting on their nerves. – ypur fine buddy-- – great room have a great night - -ROCK CHALK

  • @approxinfinity

    Well written stuff our Fearless leader!

  • I mute Dick Vitale so I can enjoy the games as well. To each their own!

  • @approxinfinity Thanks for what you do. I wish I could meet you and so many others in person some time, but then of course, maybe our online arguments would get physical!

  • @wissox lol! I think we would have a blast, but time and space makes it hard. Luckily the internet eliminates such physical restrictions

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