ESPN - Update: Andrew Wiggins featured in ESPN Magazine

  • Andrew Wiggins likely one-and-done

    Seriously, this showed up as an alert on my phone.

    I know you all are shocked… shocked, I say.

    **** UPDATE **** ESPN MAG

    I’m adding a bunch of links from ESPN that are part of their package on Wiggins:

    The best 121 days of his life His NBA future is a given, but Andrew Wiggins isn’t wasting his time in Lawrence

    ESPN The Magazine: Andrew Wiggins Feature Jay Bilas sits down with Kansas Guard Andrew Wiggins to find out what makes Wiggins so special on the court, why he chose Kansas and leaving for the NBA after his freshman year.

    NBA GM planning to tank?

    POLL: Is one-and-done hurting the game?

  • Actually, now that I think about it, the timing of this could be strategic. This may be a message to a couple of recruits who may want assurances that there’ll be a opportunity for playing time next year…

  • I laughed out loud when I saw this article. Obviously he is gone. What is apparently not obvious is if he will go #1. I read an article earlier this week on ESPN that said Julius will be going #1 over Wiggins. Who knows. We have an entire season to speculate. I suppose it will be fun to watch and if AW plays up to his potential I think we will all enjoy seeing him picked 1st overall next June.

  • Turns out, this is just a promo of the ESPN Magazine cover story (Wiggins gets another cover). The interview with Wiggins by Bilas is nicely done.

    The national/international publicity for KU has been tremendous. Of course, the hype and pressure for Wiggins is tremendous too. He’s a heck of a kid to be able to handle all this.

  • Just getting around to reading the SI issue with Wiggins. Makes me proud to be a Jayhawk!

  • Just posted A BUNCH of new ESPN links on Wiggins

  • In the Jay Bilas interview, Wiggens said how he hoped to meet his brother in the NCAA tourney. That got me thinking. We all know how the NCAA likes to create drama in the tourney with match ups even though they say they never plan them. (i.e. KU vs. UNC). I could see them matching up KU vs. WSU to create some hype. 2 schools from the same state that do not schedule games against each other, and now 2 Wiggens brothers matched up against each other. Would make for an interesting story line.

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