Wembanyama Career Projections

  • Curious everyones thoughts.

    7’5 230, moves like a guard, shoots like Durant, some say. 8 foot wingspan.


    Holmgren: 7’1 205. Injured foot, out for season.

    Embiid: 7’1 250: injured foot, out for 2 seasons.

    At 7’5, having a hard time imagining a prolonged career doing guard things in the nba.

  • @approxinfinity From what I have read, he has been doing specific exercises to help lessen the risk of injury. His father and mother both are athletes, which I think helps them to appreciate ways in preventing injury. He has had a stress fracture of his tibia and had broken a finger, but he has been playing with men professionally since 15 years old and has excelled. Obviously, the NBA will be a major step-up with respect to skill and physicality. Only time will tell. (unless you think that time is a human construct to make sense of our strange world and that everything is happening at the same time. Then maybe we all know already, just not consciously. 🧐)

  • That is supposed to be a monocle, but it looks like an eye patch. LOL.

  • @patoh3 lol. Thats good intel. Definitely hoping he can be a franchise player in San Antonio. Will be fun to see what Pop can do with him.

  • I would trade everything for that pick. Generational talent (or bust) coming up!

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