Brannen Greene to start

  • Each time Brannen Greene played double digit minutes last season his production was great. In the 7 games he played double digit minutes he averaged 10.7 minutes and 5.4 ppg. Give Greene the 32.8 MPG Wiggins left behind and Greene averages 16.55 ppg (last year). I believe Sophomore Greene could average more points than Freshman Wiggins or Freshman Oubre (if he is afforded the opportunity). One would think that with a full year in the KU system Greene would have a better all around game including defence (over Oubre) but I suppose only time will tell. If history has anything to do with who gets to start I would put my greenbacks on Greene (write that down lol).

  • I totally agree. I anticipate Greene having a huge year and I think he starts at the 3 ahead of Oubre. He is a better shooter and has another year in the system and like Oubre has a killer instinct. They should be a great combo at SF all year no matter who starts and who comes off the bench.

  • Greene and Oubre have killer instincts? We had no one on that team last year with a killer instinct. And I don’t think we know enough about Oubre yet to determine if his A game translates to OAD superstar status like some say it is. I hope you’re right of course. I do hope especially that Brannan’s game elevates and that he is given the chance to play some quality minutes.

    Those are great stats on Greene @Statmachine. We need good data like that to evaluate our team’s chances this year. Keep it up!

  • @wissoxfan83 Regarding their killer instincts, yes I think they do. Obviously you don’t. I am basing my thoughts on high school videos on Oubre and very limited play from Greene last year but that is what I see.

  • I agree that Greene seemed to be more fiery than most of the others. I would say that I saw Selden display some pretty special moments as well. If Alexander is as advertised and brings similar energy and skill… And if we have solid guard play, we’re going to be where we want to be.

    This team will have to bring it every game. A good sign would be a non-conference blow-out by 30 or more, where the lead keeps growing and the team keeps their foot on the throat until the final 2 min.

    I didn’t see that last year.

  • BG has a great opportunity. He has the experience and a gun.

    But Oubre has a great opp also. He’s got the OAD genes and Self could use another OAD draft choice to keep the OAD recruits coming.

    Each has two crucial to be determined characteristics.

    Greene has to prove he has plucked his wild hair and can ding the trey dependably.

    Oubre has to prove he can adjust to D1 velocity and ding the trey.

    Out of the block, Greene probably has an edge and will probably start early. But Oubre’s got the OAD genes and so he is likely to start some after the first few weeks.

    But over time, the one that dings the trey the best should play the most.

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    @Statmachine count me in on BG. If he can get rid of that quick hook HCBS has on him. The sky is the limit. I like the kids swagger. I’m not sure the kid cracks the starting line up though?. Yet if there was a bench player from last year’s team that could, it has to be Brannen Greene.

  • @DoubleDD said:

    Yet if there was a bench player from last year’s team that could, it has to be Brannen Greene.

    And Jamari Traylor…

  • @bskeet

    I would say that of all recent teams, this one has more question marks as to who will get playing time. There is a lot of talent and many publication have said that KU might have the best starting 5 next season but, as far a I can tell, the only players that seem to have locked a starting position are Selden and maybe Ellis, depending on the line-up coach Self uses, all other positions are open although you would think that based on pedigree and promises made during recruiting (wink, wink) Oubre and Alexander will likely start.

    **Point guard: **Mason is the likely starter with Frankamp and Graham getting time depending on how much they have developed over the Summer.

    Shooting guard and Small forward; In the past, Coach Self has used many player at both positions and depending on the line-up he uses he might do the same this year. Selden is the likely starter at SG and Oubre at SF and then we several players that will get time at these positions including Green, who we all agree has a huge upside, even when his defense is not there (at least it was not there last year), and Svi who might get considerable playing time (at both positions) depending on how quickly he can adapt to the style of play. I believe there is also a good chance that Ellis will see a fair amount of time at the 3, since that is his most likely position at the next level. I can also see Frankamp getting time at the 2, when shooter is needed but I don’t see any of the other players (not even Svi) playing PG.

    Power Forward and Center: Ellis and Alexander are the likely starters, but this is based on past history and potential and we don’t know how much progress the other players have made in the off-season. and some can surprise. As I indicated, I believe Ellis will get time at the 3 and the other players vying for time are:

    Lucas; He had a good summer playing overseas; he has solid fundamentals and all needs is having the Wizard of Oz give him some confidence.

    Traylor: The dude can ball and has the best motor on the team. He can be a game changer or he can disappear at times, but his heart is always there. I will guess that has made progress over the summer and he will look like t-Rob when we see him next. He needs more consistency and he can be a game changer.

    Michelson: Like Lucas, he played some Summer ball but I could not infer much from his performance. He is perhaps the biggest question mark. He could develop into a superior rim defender and rebounder, a “poor’s man Jeff Withey” if you will, as his background would suggest, or he might end mostly riding the pine; I don’t quite see him as a scorer.

    We all know that most coaches, including Coach Self, will end up playing 8 (+/- 1) players, is here is my list of the top 8 players based on current information and not including Summer progress and the position they will likely play and by likelihood of playing time…

    Selden - SG

    Ellis - most;y PF with a fair amount at the SF

    Oubre - SF with some SG

    Alexander - PF or C depending on line-up

    Mason - PG

    Traylor - Primarily PF but might also some C with smaller lineups

    Green - Mostly SF

    Frankamp - PG or SG depending on line-up and need

    Borderline: Svi (SG or SF) and Graham (PG)

    Again, this can vary quite a bit depending on the progress players made over the Summer that we have yet to see.

    This is my own overview and I could end up being wildly right or wildly wrong…or somewhere in between. I guess that covers all the bases so HEM will no tell me I have it all wrong. 🙂

    P.S. Sorry HEM, could not resist

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