SVAT-is-lov Ma-KILE-uk (Phoenetic) is in Lawrence.

  • Svi is finally here. He will be a very big part of this team. We know, Svi is the child of two Professors, he speaks English fluently, he has traveled around the world playing basketball for his country. At age 17, he was asked to join his National team. He is very tall for such an ambidextrous, skilled, ball handler. From what I’ve seen, he will be able to create his own shot better than anyone else on the team. The criticism’s written about him is that he always seems to find the most difficult shot. In an interview with him in Seattle last year, at age 16, he spoke and seemed more mature than someone twice his age. Also, he doesn’t shoot the 2 well, but over 40% from three. My question is, When will Svi begin to make his mark at KU? Will we have to wait for Andrea to do her Magic or will he be able to come back from the Pro’s to play a High/Low System in the Big 12.

  • @wrwlumpy


    Svat loves me to kill UK?

    But seriously… I agree that he will be the guy who will learn quickly to create his own shot. Not sure if he does it this year or next year.

    This guy is skinny. That doesn’t really show up in his youth play, but it will in D1. Still… there are thin guys who refuse to be pushed around and can hold their own. Attitude goes a long ways. I think he’s a pretty tough kid and he won’t easily get pushed around in D1!

  • @drgnslayr

    Svi has been playing against pro players for the last two years in Ukraine. Granted that the basketball level is not NBA level but grown men with grown bodies in a Euro pro-league will likely be as or more physical than the typical college ball player in the US.

    I think Svi will adapt to the physicality of the college game faster than most freshmen.

  • I think Svi will be fine his freshman year because he can step away from the basket, handle and shoot. If he cannot handle the physical play, he’s still a 6-8 guy that can shoot the three. That means that he can find a niche on the wing. If he can handle the physical play, that makes him even more dangerous because he can go inside. He’s at least a spot up shooter, with the potential to be much more depending on how he adapts.

    I need to see him playing against higher caliber athletes to decide how quickly he will make an impact. He barely played in the World Championships, but he was one of the youngest players in the field. He seems like he is a good enough athlete to compete, but I haven’t seen him have to do that consistently yet.

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