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  • sporcle.com is a quiz site. Some must be like, a quiz, who wants to take a quiz like we’re in 9th grade or something? Others it will be their cup of tea.

    It came up in another thread and I really love it so I’ll try to keep a thing going with this for a while. Free accounts work fine, not sure if you can play without an account. It also allows you to make and publish quizzes.

    Here’s how I see it going. I’ll post the URL and people will play and discuss! Maybe try to avoid giving away answers at least early in the discussion. For example in todays quiz, you might have forgotten the name Joel Embiid (you probably won’t!) but in comments you write “I can’t believe I forgot Embiid!” Well that just gave away an answer so try to avoid doing that. I’ll try to post mainly Jayhawk quizzes, but if this goes well we’ll run out of material and have to broaden it to NCAA hoops. Maybe during football season we’ll do some KU football stuff too.

    It’s really easy to cheat, just pause and look up answers, but what fun is that? Since it only accepts actual spelling some are harder to type so I pause just to get a spelling. For example lets say you don’t know how to spell Joel Embiid. You type Emby, or MBeed, or what ever. It’s okay to google the proper spelling.

    You can just type last names. Some times it will accept schools known by their abbreviation like BYU, but generally typing KU won’t be accepted. Most quizzes you don’t have to type University with the school name so typing Kansas will work. Also it will give you credit for an answer used multiple times when you type it once. For example if you were doing NBA MVP’s and typed Jordan, it will give you a correct answer 6 times or however many times he won.

    Todays quiz, as seen in the other thread is Top 5 KU scoring leaders by season.


  • Feel free to post your own, but it can overwhelm everyone if we just start unloading them now, so we’ll try to limit it to about 1 per week.

  • 127/150 Went brain dead on some easy ones, and I had to pause twice to look up how to spell two recent names. Pro tip on this quiz, only need last name.

    I love sporcle. I think this would have been more fun to just guess the top scorer on each team rather than top five. I did get all of the top scorers.

  • @DanR Good job, I did it during lunch at work, but I had kids in with me so it was still a bit distracting!

  • 125/150. Most notable baffling misses were Drew Gooden & Julian Wright of recent. Was just a young’n in some of the earlier years on there

  • 131/150 early nineties killed me, I actually remember all of them pretty easy down to 2000. The first two I only got Terry Brown lol. I was 3 in 1991 so lol

  • I lived in Lawrence from 1990-96 so I think I cleaned the slate those years. I forgot Brady of all people, and most of the others I forgot were not forgettable enough.

    Anyone get the 5th scorer from 2020? LOL. I had to look him up and still don’t really remember him making much of an impact.

  • Strangely the 2012 almost national champs had me baffled. I could remember the name Elijah, but couldn’t remember his last name. Sometimes in sports quizzes I just type common last names like smith, johnson, and that’s how I got got Elijah!

  • @wissox that’s how I got Richard Scott to pop in, although he was one of my favorite players from the 90s, and I would have guessed him easily. Typed in Scott Pollard and boom…hi Richard. And, OK, only need last names and thank goodness I don’t have to figure out how to spell Sviatoslav.

  • @DanR I missed Billy Thomas and if I’d typed Thomas Robinson I would have gotten him too!

  • This one was tough for me because of the 40s-70s. I won’t drop any spoilers right now. I got 23 of 28.


  • I didn’t know we’d made the FF twice in a four year span in the early 70’s.

  • I have brain dead spots with KU history. It’s weird- I remember Larry Brown better than Roy. Maybe with Roy leaving, I must’ve had a PTSD episode or something.

  • this was much harder than I thought… I could see guys, but couldn’t get the names to come to mind. Very frustrating mental blocks.

    Then I looked at the years where I had the big blocks and it was the years where there was a disappointing loss in the tournament… Very interesting.

    Couldn’t come up with Xavier Henry, Cole Aldrich or the Morris Twins…

  • I think that list doesn’t include anyone past 2012 it looks like. I got 14 of 25.

  • I got 15 out of 25. Missed a bunch of head smackers.

  • I got 15 as well but it has lent been updated in years Jwil just pasted Wilt for 28th and Ochai is currently 19th but not on the list.

  • @kjayhawks Was wondering how recent it was. Kept trying Perry Ellis, whom I assume is on the list somewhere.

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