USMNT The Next Generation

  • Cade Cowell was a beast yesterday! Loved seeing the new guys get run against Serbia, even if it was on Peacock in Spanish.

    Felt Anthony Hudson had them playing with an urgency that had frankly been beaten out of US soccer by Berhalter. We looked competent and moved the ball quickly into our final 3rd. The loss was a product of a horrible wall (Zimmerman) and a complete breakdown on another play (didnt go back to see if Long was at fault, didnt care, 22 Gomez i think also slacked off too much. Several other plays we didnt stop ball).

    Offensively its clear some of these guys could have definitely helped last cycle. Our d obviously needs work.

    Our corners and service on crosses was excellent. Cant believe how poor it was under Berhalter. Would be surprised if Pulisic gets corner duties under a new regime. No surprise that when Acosta came in he took all the corners.

    I hope we never see GGG again. Hope we stick with Hudson. He coached this youth in the U21.

    Felt like it was a great start.

  • Watched the first half, although with my eyes on my iPad at the same time. So, wasn’t glued to the action. I knew the name of basically one dude, the guy torn between the US and Mexico. He didn’t do too much.

    There were some exciting, quality moments for sure!

  • Oh, and I hear we just dumped the final piece of the executive branch — Ernie Stewart.

    House cleaning over. Time to hire some new brains.

    Can’t say I know anything about Hudson, so no clue if he’s a good coach.

  • I watched the second half last night. Wow, Cade Cowell! He was impressive.

  • @rockchalkjayhawk said in USMNT The Next Generation:

    I watched the second half last night. Wow, Cade Cowell! He was impressive.

    Yeah man. I thought the problems were fixable and the talent was there. Pretty exciting.

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