Thirteen Days. -- - - Thirteen days

  • OK, so here we go, Now let me preface this by saying YES I know K/State won last night- - Yes I know K/State scored 116 points last night - - YES I know K/State shot 61 % last night -BUT I also know that K/State play a team last night in Texas that looked like that they could care less about even trying to play any kind of defense in any way shape or form. For both teams it looked more like hurry up and score so we can get the ball Back. I mean dam Texas scored 103 points themselves - —It’s not like K/State was playing lock down defense by any means , Hell Texas scored 63 points in the 2nd half themselves.

    Saying that to say this. Just sounds from K/Staters, & local media now like all of a sudden they have become the team that will challenge and possibly win the Big 12. Well I guess there is always a possibility, BUT is it a probability ? - That’s about as much of a chance s me being the Pope tomorrow. Is there a possibility ? - – SURE - - Is there a probability ? - - ummm probably not. - Again they was playing someone who has a suspended Coach they have players that just didn’t even try the olay defense last night , like they could care less about defense - -Their message boards are blowing up talking about how the assistant Coach has no idea about substitution or X’s & O’s Have they improved – -sure they have , just think it’s a little early to say what people are saying at the moment. - Maybe it’s because it’s been so long since they have had squat.

    Now they saying that Bramlage is as intimidating as the Phog - - ( WHAT ? ) - - -It is ONE game people. If anyone and I mean ANYONE tries to seel me or anyone else that K/State - -will come close to shooting 61% from the field again this year OR if you try and tell me they will come close to scoring 116 points again this year OR go 31-33 from the line - -If you can tell someone that will happen and truly believe that then - - - PLEASE - - -PLEASE- - share with me whatever you are smoking , – drinking - - -or snorting - -because that must be some really , really good stuff.

    So in Thirteen days is the FIRST DAY that K/State students return back to School. Guess who plays K/State in THIRTEEN DAYS - - YUP the Hawks. - Let’s see how K/State stands up to a team that does play some defense in KU- - or see how they play in Lubbock against Tech that plays a little defense. - - -Let’s see how they play against Baylor - just sayin. Good Win - -SURE - -BUT I just think they are making a little more out of this then what it is- - - - - THIRTEEN DAYS GUYS - -THIRTEEN DAYS. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer67 KU 78

                      Pussycat U - 62

  • @nuleafjhawk “Whoa, whoa, whoa -a. What’s new pussycat?” is the first thing that comes to mind… 🙄

  • @Gorilla72 Lol - you must be as old as I am.

  • @nuleafjhawk said in Thirteen Days. -- - - Thirteen days:

    @Gorilla72 Lol - you must be as old as I am. -probably. I saw Bud Stallworth score 50+ against Misery (IIRC).

  • @Gorilla72 said in Thirteen Days. -- - - Thirteen days:

    @nuleafjhawk said in Thirteen Days. -- - - Thirteen days:

    @Gorilla72 Lol - you must be as old as I am. -probably. I saw Bud Stallworth score 50+ against Misery (IIRC).

    Me too - - Also saw Ronnie Kellogg go off many , many times hitting 40 or close too

  • @Gorilla72 I didn’t, but I could have. I was 14 in 1972

  • I’m ellin ya right here and now - -we are gonna have our hands full when we play these guys - at their house -whether you like it or not - -they have proved they are legit this year in this conference. - gonna have to buckle it up when we travel to the little hole in the road

  • We had our hands full last year and gave them, what a 17-19 point lead, and they folded once the pressure got to them

  • @DanR at school last yr, a ksu friend came up to after that game and said that he really hated to tell me that KU really looked bad. He said he hoped I didn’t have my hopes up to high! He took his 2 young boys. Nothing was ever said since then.

  • We all know that right now the K/State fans are going to be feeling a little Cocky , thumpin their chests , and that’s ok they can do that , they have their minutes of glory.

    Yet they might be just a little to Cocky. - -I read they think Nowell is the best point guard in the Nation. That to is ok , although I’m quite sure there would be and rightfully so people that would strongly disagree with that.

    Yet I get and some others also do to - -I get the feeling that they feel they have reached the summit , that they are as good as anyone , and hate to say but I think they a re in for a rude awakening - - yes they are having a very good year .Yes they have come together as a team - -Tang has done a great job , yet just a little FYI hate to tell them - -they are not to the summit yet.

    Just like their football team , thinking they was gonna play with Alabama - -sorry Alabama and teams like that are on a whole different level. Same goes for their basketball team - - your not there yet. There are some , quite a few K/State people that think they have now become a power - -just like football you will soon find out.

    True your having a very good year - -BUT you have not reached elite or power level yet. - - Your on a year - -until you have proven that you can repeat this year after year , after year , after year - -your not a power , your not A KU - -A DUKE - -A KENTUCKY -A NORTH CAROLINA - - A GONGAZA to a lesser degree. - -Go ahead and beat your chest - - you entitled , you should be proud about THIS YEAR

    iF I were you though - - until I’ve won multiple Conference Championships - -Until I’ve won multiple National titles - -Until I’ve have gone to the NCAA’S for many , many , many years straight - my advice to you - -choose your words wisely my friends - - careful of your actions my friends - -WHY ? - you ask WHY ? - -BECAUSE THE PHOG IS COMING AROUND THE CORNER

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