Coach Kotelnicki

  • Got a 5 year extension and raise. I believe it’s the longest contract for an assistant in the sport.

  • @FarmerJayhawk I am so happy this happened. - -Guys I knew we were better , much better but the Stats speak for themselves. - - Coach Kotelnicki is a really proven OC - -didn’t realize he was being mentioned for the Georgia Tech job though - -this contract help us keep him through 2027.

    I think these pretty well speaks for themselves. - - I also think just goes to show offensively - -we fine, we just got to get this defense shored up.

    Check these out.- - KU is going to return 10 out of 11 Starters on the offensive side in 2023.- - really Good chance we will return 20 - -out of 22 guys on the two deep offensive - depending on rather Jason Bean returns for his super Senior yr.

    KU on the offense from year one - -to year two with Coach K - -went from 104th Nationally in yards per - -to 5th at 7.00 plus w went from 111th Nationally in Scoring to 5th – -at 34.2 per game

    In Big twelve play under Coach K - – we were - -3rd. - - We were - - 1st in yards per play - - -We were 2nd in touchdowns - -( 54 ) We were 1st in yards per carry - - at 5.6 - - & 2nd in yds per cmpl - - 8.8 - - That my friends is pretty dam impressive.

    I think after seeing these things you can see OFFENSIVELY were in great shape , we have just got to tighten up the D - don’t depend on trying to just outscore the other team in trak meets. - we get this defense right - -were going to become pretty good. - - ROCK CHALK FELL’AS

  • I’m sure the idea is that Coach K is the successor of LL no matter if it is retirement or leaving for a better job.

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