Really Sad to hear - Jethro Musc passes away

  • Dam we lost one of our own last night guys. - Jethro Muscadin passes away latte lsat night in Wichita. - -He was in the car accident late last year I think they said Sept.

    From the sound of what Coach said he must have been in a coma all this time as it was said he never regained can’t spell the word sorry but just never came around - -My Deepest Regards to his family.

    one a Jayhawk Jethro - Always a Jayhawk - - RIP big boy GOD BLESS - -just sad day for Jay Hawk Nation

  • Really sad news

    May his soul Rest In Peace

    May his family and friends get strength to deal with this tough time

  • Wow. This whole story really faded into the backdrop and was lost in all the other storylines from last year. I guess there was enough motivators for the team without putting this out there.

    RIP Gethro. Prayers for the family.

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