Former Wisonsin O-lineman Logan Brown commits to Kansas

  • I’d like some idea what the “incident within the program” was before I celebrate too much. But Coach L doesn’t seem like he would go for troublemakers, so fingers crossed.

    Edit: Okay, I see that this story is in the Halloween Weekend Games thread.

  • I grew up in Madison and am a Badger fan. Here’s my take…

    –He’s Quentin Grimes. Brown came to UW with really big expectations as a 5-star…especially as he had offers from Ohio St/Michigan/etc. The burden of expectations is hard. He just didn’t improve and less-heralded guys beat him out for a spot and he was frustrated.

    –He did play on occasion, but the article linked above that says he was an ‘important part of the Wisconsin offensive line for the last two seasons’ is just complete nonsense. He redshirted…barely played last year…and was a full-blown turnstyle at LT when he played this year. His greatest contribution was in Wisconsin’s jumbo package when he lines up as an extra TE or FB.

    –There were veiled comments by coaches about needing to ‘work on technique’. If you read between the lines, it seems like he either wasn’t coachable or wasn’t picking up what he was being taught. He was given tons of opportunities to earn a spot, but didn’t do it. UW even moved their starting LT from last year inside to guard so Brown could play LT…and he got beaten out.

    –The ‘incident’ was that he apparently knocked a freshman DL out cold after a practice fracas was supposedly over. I don’t get the sense that he would’ve gotten tossed from the team based on this alone, but there isn’t much out there on what else may have been happening behind closed doors.

    Hopefully a change of scenery and realistic expectations follow him and he has success at KU. He fits the stud LT profile athletically and size-wise. For some reason it just didn’t click at Wisconsin.

    For those with an Athletic subscription, here’s a cool story from before the transfer about him working through his battle with diabetes…

  • @focojayhawk How come I never knew you were also a Badger fan?!

  • @focojayhawk That article could explain a lot of the perceptions of this guy, and rapid blood sugar fluctuations can certainly lead to inappropriate anger and aggression.

  • @wissox Yeah…grew up in Madison, but graduated from KU. Parents have season tix for football and hoops for the Badgers. I’m also on Bucky’s 5th Quarter and see you comment there as well. Good to have a fellow Jayhawk/Badger in both places

  • I think Brown can become a solid contributor at KU. I’m not enough of a football guy to know why a lineman might thrive in one type of blocking system vs another, but there are clear differences in style of offense at Kansas vs Wisconsin. Maybe a new home and a new system will bring the best out of him. Here’s to hoping…

  • Doesn’t Liepold have some connections to Wisconsin (the area, not WU-Madison)? Maybe he has a connection there and knows enough to make this a well-calculated risk.

  • @bskeet He grew up in Wisconsin and was a 6 time national champion head coach. He was 109-6 during his time there at UW Whitewater.

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