KD offered 28 mill for 10 yrs from UA-Good guggamugga !!

  • And they don’t even have that large a profit from BB !!

    Yet Nike can & likely will match with the right of refusal. WOW, what a cut for KD. UA is obligating-up front- about 20-25% of its adv revenue to KD. Think we can get a conspiracy amen from the corner on this ? Just mind boggling MONEY for a company that doesn’t make the big doah from hoops. This is just insane. WTH is a guy to think?? Maybe we need Fearless Fosdick on this one !!


  • …Or perhaps Holmes & Watson, or Dick Tracy, or…Ms Moneypenny, we need the master, JB…as in Bond; James Bond that is…

    Surely someone will have an insider take on this one?

  • That’s $265M over 10 years, for those who read this and initially thought that KD was being offered the paltry sum of $28 million.

  • Where are you heir jay Meister? How does ua fit in with the heavy hitters?

  • …so, they will raise the price of Under Armour gear and yuppies and trendy suburbanites will pay $50 for jersey that is worth $10 and $150 for a $30 pair of Kevin Durant shoes without thinking twice and feel they are getting a bargain compared to the $200 Nike version.

  • @globaljaybird I’m not jb, but i believe that ua will be the heaviest of all hitters before long.

  • I’m not a big UA guy, but I will say that I really respect the work and effort that they went to in building that company literally from the ground up. It’s a great story about perseverance, hard work and patience.

  • The policy of global private oligarchy–the owners of the private central bank system–has reputedly been since WWII to migrate producer markets first to regional producer oligopolies of 3 to 6 players and then to global producer oligopolies. Interest rate and money supply policy are used to favor allies in markets and surprise opponents in markets into dime on the dollar sellouts. Untraceable bailouts save allies that get sideways from unforeseen consequences. Untraceable bailouts also finance the dime on the dollar buy outs of failed opponents. Repeated equity and debt expansion booms and equity and debt contraction busts slowly, inexorably impose the producer oligopoly regime on producer markets. Producer oligopoly is preferred for stability in price and supply fixing and ownership control and wealth concentration. Monopoly and duopoly are grown to 3 -12 players, so that divide and conquer can be applied on non compliants.

    Petro ShoeCos have been a Nike monopoly in USA and an Adidas dominated but ultimately disordered global market. Petroshoecos are being managed into a global producer oligopoly of 3-12 player regime by the private oligarchy’s central bank system.

    This story apparently means UA aims to be one of a big three, because it understands the game and probably has the blessing of the private oligarchy and it’s central banking system to proceed. We should see one or two more emerge over time. Any Ayer that resists the formation of the new system system will be crushed and taken over in due time.


    Upon this recent news you can expect UA garage sales items to climb by at least 25% in coming weeks.

    Weekend treasure seekers should be prepared to see UA jerseys spike from $3 each to $4.

    UA shoe prices could climb from $2 to as high as $5 a pair for select models.

    Single shoe prices should remain stable and be based solely on the ability for buyers to match left with right.

    Filmed at 11…

  • @jaybate-1.0 Maybe we just watch too many movies like Brando & Scott’s “The Formula” jb, but the payout that stockholders/retirees received at Enron, GM, & others literally was the dime size example of a likely “oligopoly” monetary conspiracy. Or as I like to refer to as an on the cheap sum-" a dollar, two-ninety eight. " And if you’ve never seen that flick, is one of Brando’s last & he & George C are great in that fictional, mystery depiction of complete & total petroleum industry manipulation dating all the way back to the US occupation of post WWII Germany. Makes you wonder why there has not ever been an efficient electric automobile available to the general public, especially since GM & others have produced ultra efficient diesel electric locomotive power since the early 20th century. Each time there was a technological breakthrough in auto efficiency through the decades, the idea, like the Moody (Ford Pinto) Diesel of the 70’s, amazingly seemed to disappear fast as the cat behind an Asian restaurant. Positively no malice either !! This is one of the biggest posts of BS I’ve ever hammered out !!

  • @approxinfinity Thx for the fact check approx.-money amount is so mind boggling I was spent when I ran out of digits (fingers & toes). But on the high side, at least I still have them all.

  • @jaybate-1.0 …And when the time may come that your Godfather requests a service from you…

  • @globaljaybird 🙂 I too couldn’t even imagine the amount of money they’re talking about, I had to do a double take.

  • I see on espn that nike will match the ua offer between 26.5 & 28.5 million. Ya think he will be an owner someday? Team or shoe co? I’d like to be following those breadcrumbs !!

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