USFL Pittsburgh Maulers Has 2 Former KU Players

  • Yes, the USFL is a crazy experiment with some real twists on extra points. But, its football and I’ll watch a bit. Bryce Torneden #22 and Darrius Moragne #97 will play on the Pittsburgh Maulers defense. The first game is Sunday 7 Central on FS1. I looked at the other rosters but didn’t see any other KU players. So, Maulers it is. Goooooooooo Maulers.

    Weird though, none of the teams except Birmingham Stallions have any connection to their namesake cities. All are housed in Birmingham and all games are played in Birmingham.

  • The New Jersey/Birmingham game Saturday night was entertaining and competitive. I didn’t recognize a single player or coach’s name. The Qbs missed a lot of passes that NFL Qbs make. Also, I didn’t see any of the special rules utilized; both teams just kicked extra points instead of the crazy 3 point conversion where the team takes the ball at the 10 yard line. Why wouldn’t a team do this every time? Kicking a one point conversion leaves a lot of points on the field. Both teams scored 3 or more TDs last night and could have scored 9 conversion points instead of 3 by kicking. Just a twist that could make these games more interesting.

  • @stoptheflop Yeah the QB play was lackluster. I recognized 6 of the 8 head coaches in this league. Most are retreads. Wish they would have went with giving more guys a first crack at it.

  • I watched most of the Maulers game last weekend; It was great to see Torneden #11 and Moragne #97 in for most of the game. Most people I’ve talked to aren’t impressed or interested in the USFL games. I think the lack of fans for all games except the Birmingham games depresses interest in the games. But, for me its football and I watch parts of one or two games a week. Still better than MLB. Maulers play Sunday at 1:30 Central USA Network against the Michigan Panthers. The Maulers offense is lousy but I’ll watch our KU guys and hope they find an NFL team is a couple of months.

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