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  • No sound for a bit but eventually they get it fixed.

  • Thank you! Yet another bout of that damned dust in my eyes…

  • This never gets old …. I’m wallowing in it all

  • Yeah, that was pretty cool.

  • I’ve not posted here for several years…

    Without much detail honestly the “SMUT” of CBB has driven me away for a bit. I haven’t invested in a team since 18’ when i was 6th row in Omaha to watch us beat Duke in OT to go to the FF. Not just our SMUT… the entirety and I still don’t think we’ve seen the ramifications of our own issues which are likely to be worse than most think IMO. That said… this team… Man. I invested a lil… Didn’t watch every game. But they sort of made me start to love it again. They far surpassed any expectation I had and maybe even taught me to temper those a bit. How amazing what they accomplished. I’ve been very high on the 12’ team for a long long time because I believe they did something amazing and put themselves in position to do something more amazing with just shear HEART. I believe it’s a thing… I CAN want it more than you do. I CAN work harder than you do. I believe that CAN and does yield results. I think we’ve witnessed that here and that is probably the thing I’m most proud of with this group.

    Now the humorous side of me couldn’t help it. But the first thing I thought was this… “Uh, oh… Happy learned to putt” Bill Self. I’ve been both critical and complimentary. Which will continue. I believe in both as positives in the correct light.

    Explanation: I think By-in-large Bill has been more great than not with “time to prepare” Ya he has some losses in those cases. But usually you can bank on a first game win. He’s always had the long ball so to speak. It’s always been the short game(Thurs-Sat, Fri-Sun) that you maybe couldn’t count on as well. Absolutely this can be said of any coach or team in the craziness of the tournament. I say it here cause I follow KU and Bill Self, not others. Here is what matters. If this guy just learned to Putt? If somehow we keep this guy that maybe just learned how to Putt? Bright future ladies and gents. Bright Future. What a special season and tournament of course especially. What a gift to us that are merely fans but care so much. I always thought of and called the 12’ team “The lil Jayhawk engine that could” Such the short benched and overall lacking in talent squad that kept climbing the hill and nearly crested it against what some say is possibly the best CBB team ever. This group? I love how someone here put it… “True Grit” They should put it on the banner. Rock Chalk All!

  • @cragarhawk

    Wow! Great to see you back! I feel your pain about the current status of CBB. But through it all… the allegations, the schools that seemingly avoid allegations while appearing to be the biggest rules violators, the Kansas City Jayhawks, the slapping of wrists for just a few individuals working for the crime syndicate shoe industry… here we are! A group of players, playing with humility while largely staying silent of what was burning inside. The Kansas City Jayhawks… somehow being the only #1 seed remaining through the later rounds but still off the radar screen and a sleeper. Their performance provided MAGIC to a game smeared with corrupt profits.

    What a world we live in! Where we remain following (and puking) for a sport while loving our guys and cheering them on to victory! I admit guilt of largely wearing blinders and live in denial so I can stick it out with our group of guys who make magic.

    Is Kansas basketball clean? Ask yourself, is the mom-and-pop restaurant in Brooklyn clean? They exist only because they pay the mob protection money for that location. The feds described Kansas correctly when labeling us as victims.

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