One More Connection to the Gods of AFH Leaving Their Mark...

  • My heart stopped.

    The game was supposed to be over.

    Kansas was supposed to have it locked down.

    Dajuan appeared to step out of bounds. It was close. It was close on both steps along the line.

    My heart stopped.

    The clock adjusted to 4.3 seconds.

    Ball to North Carolina in their court.

    Plenty of time to score. Plenty of time to send it to overtime!

    My heart stopped.

    My mind flashed back to when I was 8 years old.

    My mind flashed back to Jo Jo White.

    Did he step out of bounds? The call went against us and we lost.

    This time… the call went against us and we won!

    Jo Jo has been gone for 4 years. Enough time to high-five all the Gods of AFH!

    Was yet another string pulled? Another string on the rim at AFH.

    Just how many things have aligned now in this championship?

    I’ve been to AFH so many times and I’ve always felt like eyes were watching from above.

    Never thought about Jo Jo watching before… now!

  • “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

    Forces are at work. Always. Just have to be open to them.

  • Naismith, Phog… JoJo… one of those guys loosened the floorboards on that drive. I’m not challenging a KU victory because I think Bacot would still have gone down and had he not, we were still in great position to win, even if he scored.

    But my eyes aren’t lying. Yes… floors give. But why aren’t we noticing this much give on every drive? Angle? Ha… right. This is some mystical angle we’ve never seen before?

  • Those lines, there’s a skinny black line, next to a dark purple or some color. Why not just let the big eye catching color be the out of bounds line? The other is so skinny. Your eye is drawn to the other. My 2 cents

  • Two basketball Gods were working together on that night – Wilt and Jo Jo. Both had ghosts to put to rest. Now, may they RIP.

  • @bskeet

    Ah… I can’t believe I forgot the Big Dipper! Versus UNC in the title game? Hardly a coincidence!

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