Game Day Breakdown: No. 1 seed Kansas basketball vs. No 2 seed Villanova - 2022 Final Four

  • We have just to take tempo. - -With Villanova playing at a snails pace if you get behind , the harder it is to come back. More pressure it feels like you have to score every time down. Villanova wants to limit possessions. We know they gonna have a chip, hearing everybody say their chances are diminished/slim with the loss of Moore. - Got to be care not allow them to come out hotter then a 2 dollar pistol - - got to run them off the 3 point line. - -tough defense. - -Can NOT just CAN NOT go for head fakes they will do that i-2 times per possession, have to stay on our feet make them beat you on defense, don’t give them easy outs.

    Jalen has to show - - Oach has to show , Christian has to show -Let’s do this

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