Possible NCAA changes on the way

  • http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/06/sports/n-c-a-a-s-rich-poised-to-get-richer-with-more-athlete-benefits-.html?_r=0

    That link is for a story about possible NCAA changes that will alter the rules for the 65 schools in the 5 major conferences (ACC, Pac-12, SEC, Big 12, Big 10). It doesn’t outright allow schools to pay players, but it does allow them to add money beyond the tuition, room and board costs that can currently be covered.

    This seems like an attempt to keep the NCAA together by making allowances for the top tier schools. As I said back on the old board when we were dealing with conference realignment, a day was coming when the 5 major conferences were going to strike out on their own and have their own governing rules. It looks like that day is close.