2015, here we go...

  • The projections for the 2015 draft are starting and here is Chad Ford’s list:

    Chad Ford’s 2015 draft

    KU is the only school with 2 top 10 and 3 top 20 picks. Of course this is very premature as more guys from Kentucky (Harrison twins) and maybe Duke will likely also go.

    Here is another one from NBA Draft


    2 top 5, 3 top 10 and 4 top 30 picks.

    Looking at several mock drafts, Alexander and Oubre are generally rated top 10 and in many top 5. Selden is generally top 15 and I have seen him as high as 5. All three are potential lottery picks. Ellis is generally ranked as late first round or early second round, but a good showing in the upcoming season could up raise his standing into a borderline lottery pick.

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    @JayHawkFanToo I have this feeling that Cliff and Oubre stick around for another year. Both have already have been quoted as saying they could stick around for another year. Now if they explode and dominant the game we love, then they have no choice but to leave. Perry to me is a shoe in for playing his senior season. I believe it’s something he wants to do. Svee most likely won’t see much playing time this year as he adjusts to the college game. Not to mention I think his parents feel money isn’t everything and value an education.

    The only one I’m not sure is Selden. I feel if he rights the ship this year then he has no choice but to leave for the unlimited money and broken dreams that the NBA offers.

  • I think that KU has three guys going next year with Oubre, Alexander and Selden. Like most, I expect Perry to be a four year player. I just don’t know quite how he fits on an NBA roster right now. He’s not powerful enough to play at the 4 and has not shown the lateral quickness to be a 3 in the NBA. There’s not really any reason to leave for the NBA as a junior if he isn’t a sure fire first round pick, so I figure he’s back in Lawrence for his senior year.

    I think Svee plays two seasons simply because he’s so young. The only caveat to that is that because he is international, he always has the option to leave KU and return to Europe to play there at any time. There are no rules that would prevent him from playing in the Euroleague, even in the middle of the college season.

    The nice thing about having top 10 picks basically every year is that keeps KU in everyone’s basketball consciousness year round. College season ends in April, but with lottery picks, people are interviewing Coach Self and talking KU hoops into late June. That’s something that doesn’t happen if you don’t have lottery pick talent. How many times did you see Roy Williams get interviewed leading up to the NBA draft? That’s basically free recruiting time for teams with lottery picks. Hopefully Self continues to capitalize on that.

  • Svi will not be 18 by the time of the next draft so he cannot get drafted; 2016 is the earliest he can go to the NBA. It is true that he can at any time go back to Europe, but with his potential, two years of training at KU under Coach Self and Huddy is the best path to a future in professional basketball, be it the NBA or the Euro Leagues.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    My feelings, too. And I think we should recognize that Svi realizes his best path so he must be an intelligent guy who has good basketball IQ. That should be a big help to Kansas basketball!

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