Question about front page format.

  • Hey now that the front page is a lot prettier, it seems like we could get more use out of it if we break up basketball stories into smaller topics. What do you guys think? Are there any logical smaller buckets that you can think of? Maybe news and featured content wasn’t the logical division line… Instead topics? Maybe a coach self specific bucket? A recruiting bucket? A Stat lovers corner? I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas. I think the layout and the embedded pictures give an opportunity to make the front page feel like a newspaper so it’d be great if we could find a layout that hits the sweet spot for varied interests.

  • I just logged in after being away several days and all I can say is it looks great. I’ll have to nose around a bit to get familiar with it but the first impression I have is favorable, for sure.

  • I think a bucket on coach self would be good… And what do you think about one for each of the scholarship players?

    Also, a bucket with info about live media coverage of games (TV, Radio, internet… game times, etc.)

  • I would say hat the current setup is working fine. I usually click on “Unread” which display topics from all the sections anyway, so to me it is not a big deal.

    By the way, the new format/font is a lot easier to read and also to write posts.

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