Fun N' Gun

  • Defense is overrated. Chicks dig the long ball. The showtime Lakers were way more entertaining than the Bad Boy champion Pistons who dared anyone to try to score against them. Jerry Tarkanian lives again in Lawrence. This fast fill up the bucket team is way more fun than the grind it out tough as nails defense team of some of Self’s editions.

    I want offense. Just score more than the other team daggummit. I want threes to fly, acrobatics from Ochai and KJ and CB. Give me more menacing stares from Christian after an impressive dunk. Give me more drive and dishes from Harris to back dooring dunkers.

    Lets see those 3 balls fly with abandon. Heck even the ones that don’t find the net are filled with anticipation of a suddenly expanded lead. When the other team makes one which it appears they will against us, go ahead and make 2, and then when the other guys are guarding the line lob it to tonights version of Dave and watch him miraculously maneuver the ball into the 10 foot high goal.

    Remy Martin man! This dude’s got that swagger that needs to be unleashed. We want to see him put up 30 the next night and then after Ochai has his chance to do it again. I can see it there. He’s holding back, a child held inside a miserable schoolroom for too long ready to run outside and let loose. Man this guy needs to let it fly! It’s fun n gun with Remy and the Hawks!

    Tonight was fun! It’s really not fun to be honest to watch us score 95 points against Case Western University or Alaska Panhandle State. But to go on the road against a Power 5 opponent with some star power of their own (more Champagne anyone?) in the bright lights of NYC, or at least its suburbs, and, get this, a bunch of kids from the midwest wheat belt, well that’s fun! I want more games like this.

    I want more Mitch Lightfoot laughing on his way to the bench after doing something silly that it even looked like Self was laughing too. I mean its a game man! Mitch has great reasons to smile. He’s like 24 and he’s still in college playing on a powerhouse college basketball team, and having fun! I love the guy. (get irked by the hate towards him to be honest) That block led to the greatest play of the night when the ref initiated an offensive foul right into the other coach! This is fun!

    It’s fun watching this version tonight of the Jayhawks. Now I know it’s just an anomaly. I’m sure the team will revert back to the standard Bill Self system and we’ll grit our teeth on the way to another 30 win season and high seed in the dance, all while flexing our muscles in a more familiar version. But what the heck, lets see tonights version of Jayhawk basketball play ball!

    Bill Self? I love the guy. He wins, he recruits system guys who with a few exceptions don’t go on to starring roles in the league. They cause Bills face to turn various shades of crimsonorblue during frustrating segments of games when it doesn’t happen the way he’d like. It frustrates us too of course as he asserts his will on the team and those he’s charged with defeating. But maybe just maybe after tonight we get to unleash some more Fun N’ Gun on the Big12.

    Oh yes, I almost forgot, it’d be even funner methinks if Zach Clemence plays more than a few minutes.

    Oh and it’d be even more fun if we made more FT’s. It’s the only reason really why we’re not undefeated right now and ranked right behind, or maybe above Purdue in the top spot. That’d be fun too!

  • @wissox Nice take !

    So… you want KU to resemble the NBA. Teams like the nuggets of past… 156 to 148 kind of game. No defense ! Get the rebound and race down the court and launch it! 5 second internal shot clock. You can really rack up the score in B-ball when there is token effort on D.

    Personally I would happily watch a defensive battle. In hoops, football, and baseball, even hockey. loved the Rodman- lambeer pistons. I love it when scoring is HARD. Maybe not World Cup soccer hard (some World Cup games I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot, had like a ridiculous 2-3 legit shots on goal TOTAL after 3 plus hours which of course led to 0-0, then lame penalty kicks …give me a break!).

    Most people when polled want more scoring. 56 to 45 style football games are always touted as classics and wildly exciting. But sports has both defense and offense- both should be played at a high level.

    I honestly wonder if there will be a game soon when Self will let Remy pull an Iverson and let it loose. he’s got a sweet pull up shot.

  • @wissox

    Love the post, man! The “Run-n-Gun Hawks!” Would love to see the tshirt… I’d buy one!

    I love the high octane offense, too… I just don’t see why we can’t bring force to both sides of the ball. Enjoy watching slams but also enjoy watching rejections at the rim!

    At some point we might play the Zags this year… guess it would have to be in the FF (most likely). I’d like to push them around like Alabama did today! Would love to see us play all gutsy like ‘Bama played when thumpin’ the Zags!

  • It was just a fun game last night. I know it’s not the wave of the future! Btw the badgers did the same today scoring 67 points in the last 25 minutes of clock time. It was fun to see two days in a row quite similar results!

  • Ah, that famously successfully Long Beach State strategy that led to so many championships…

    Fun to watch, but it can get shut down by a good defensive team that makes you slow down. Then you need a half-court offense and if that is just a second priority in practice, you are likely toast.

  • We could become Grinnell who plays it faster than anyone ever.

  • @wissox was fun watching Loyola play back in the day! Paul Westhead coach?

  • @Oldmanhawk Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble?

  • @Marco that’s right. Them dudes knew how to put the ball in the hole!!!

  • @Oldmanhawk that they did.

  • Oops! Not LBS…Thx for the Loyola correction!

  • Yes, that Loyola Marymount team was fun. Not to be confused with the Loyola of Chicago a team that actually won a NC 3 years before UTEP and in reality was the first African American dominant team to win the title.

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