Naadir was Naaghty

  • So, Frank Mason will start the Nov 8 game. Cross one redshirt candidate off the list.

  • Don’t we know the rules and keep these kids informed. This is plain stupid. Even if it is a slap on the wrist it reflects bad on our program.

  • Same sort of info should’ve been afforded to BMac before the Bowling Birthday Bash, but again, what they do with the knowledge is entirely up to them. Something tells me we may not have heard the last of that little holiday.

  • I think it will be good for team in the long run. Get the freshmen in the fire and let them show what they are made of. We might be surprised by how good Mason, Frankamp and Selden are as PGs. Otherwise Greene may not be a PG, but appeared to have pretty good handle on a couple of occasions.

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  • I don’t see it as a big deal. one game against La Monroe. Didn’t Naadir start his first game as freshmen when TT and EJ had to sit out? Maybe it was just the exhibition games…

  • I think it was the exhibitions. Not sure the NCAA would have been down with Naadir missing an exhibition for an actual NCAA violation. I think TT and EJ had in-team issues…?

  • You are right, it was exhibition games, and it was for internal team rule issues.

  • By the way, I read the headline “Naadir Tharpe to miss KU’s season-opener; Self says redshirts still possible” and thought Naadir is being considered for redshirt!!!

    It was early but I almost had a heartattack!

  • NCAA has too much time on their hands.

    Idle hands are the devils workshop.

  • Mason can still redshirt. I don’t see it though. I’m leaning toward Frankamp. He’s still adjusting and it appears he may take a bit longer than some of the others. Greene was great and loved his shooting exhibition. It appeared Greene and White were the most consistent from the perimeter. Naa has no choice but to perform. He looked confident at the pg. I’m not worried about the little Chicago incident. Our in house NCAA rep seems to think it’s all addressed and the one game suspension will fit the infraction of Naa. They may come back and up our exhibition and say he needs to miss the first non-con game. But, as Self said, it’s a game for a game. It sounds fair and the matter is settled.

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  • Tweet from Jay Bilas this morning:

    “KU’s Tharpe…gasp…played BASKETBALL this summer, suspended: (link to article) Unpaid, yet NCAA still tells him when , if he can play.”


  • At this point, I’d tend to lean toward not redshirting anyone, but Frankamp is the only clear choice–if anyone were to do so.

    truehawk–I’d actually disagree that Mason could still redshirt. It’s technically true, but Self already announced Frank will start in the first game.

    I can’t see the logic in redshirting Greene. The biggest reason is I see him as a two- or three-year player, rather than a four-year guy (assuming he progresses). On the other hand I can’t see Frankamp as much other than a great four-year guy. At this point, Greene doesn’t seem to need as much time/space to find his shot relative to Frankamp.

    So my inclination is to not “redshirt” anyone, but if we did, Frankamp would be the only real candidate.

    Question – does a basketball redshirt function in the same way that a football redshirt does, in that a coach may announce someone is redshirting…but it just means that player is eligible for a redshirt status by not playing? My point being, if – God forbid – one of our guards went down with an injury early in the season, we could, in theory, still wind up deciding to “burn” the redshirt by playing the kid, correct?

  • “It’s just one game, but we will miss our floor general.”

    It’s one game, but he’ll also not start in our next exhibition game in order to help support Frank for the season opener.

    That’s not good news looking ahead to our Nov 12 game with Duke.

    Tharpe represents a big chunk of our stability on the floor this early and we need him every game to help keep us moving in the right direction.

  • I’m sure I read that Naadir has to miss the first non-con game. Mason will start the exhibition game but Naadir will play some. He won’t be able to play at all in the non-con game.

  • Sorry drgnslayr. Didn’t mean to step on your heels. I was replying to truehawk way up on the page.

  • I find the NCAA’s archaic rules re: “amateurism” to be quite uncivilized.

  • Roy Williams gave Tokoto a suspension from their “secret scrimmage” and one exhibition game for the same infraction. And Tarheel fans wonder WHY the “Carolina Way” isn’t the same as it was under Dean Smith.

  • Congrats on creating the best thread title I’ve seen in a while.

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