Oh fella's - -Fella's - -listened to Big 12 media days

  • I’m soooo jacked /stoked. - -2 Weeks from today we have our 1st game. I’m so ready. - Boy am I ready

    Listened to the big 12 Media days, Coach’s /Players pretty Cool. Tell you what always have a Huggy fan , & after listening to him today - - even that much more impressed guy is just solid. Some might think he is an Ass I certainly don’t you have to be able to understand him - -real dry sense of humor but yet funny. Unlike other Coach’s today Huggy requested the opening speech wanted to go right to questions

    Media was talking about the Big 12 expansion and what the culture was like when WV joined the Big 12. - Huggy responded saying well coming from the Big East where they didn’t call ANY fouls coming to the Big 12 where they did lol. -The Big thing Huggy said was like almost every other Coach talked about how well Coached this league is. Really great Coach’s Saying these guys can really Coach. Talking about in some leagues you might look down the way and think maybe you can out smart a guy - - he said NOT in this league He was asked about the feasibility of the Big 12 ever getting three teams in the final four and they told him how Coach Drew thought it was possible - -Huggy says - - Well if Scott said it , it HAS to be true cause Scott doesn’t lie lmao. - he followed up by saying well maybe just a little.

    Coach Self turn at the podium said he was excited about the added athleticism - -was asked about the league overall he said it was proven by data how tough the league was and 3 in the top 8 ranked this preseason will be as good as it’s been. He was asked adding Remy to the team what does that add ? - Responded by saying Remy adds energy , speed , and really fast. & creates. Was ask about being so deep maybe going 10 deep. Coach said that we could go 10 deep - could possibly be 10 deep. But said it was going to be harder going from 14 deep to 10. How to get from 14 to 10. Never has had so many similar guys just waiting for some seperation. Then he was asked about what it was going to be like for these guys to play before a packed Phog .Something I didn’t quite understand as he said unless your a Christian Braun NONE of these guys had experienced what thnat was like ? - didn’t quite get that - -what about Oachi McCormack ?

    Then they talked to David and I remember from last year Coach had been asked who was the most improved player from the year before and Coach said Dave was hands down - -And it showed I didn’t realize Dave had been voted as the most improved player by the league last yea

    Talking about how tough this league is gonna be - -think about it you have the defending NCAA champion and they are picked third for this year - - speaks for it’self - - I am READY - -TWO WEEKS stoked - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Last year when asked who the most improved Player was Coach responded McCormack hands down. – Asked that same question this year ? - -Coach said Braun and Harris most improved players - - - look out

  • I am a Braun guy, he’s a solid player and good dude. I like Harris too, he stays at Braun’s home when they’re not on campus. I want both to succeed.

  • @Marco

    Coach mentioned that Braun & Harris were the most improved players from the offseason. Probably not a stretch because both needed to improve signficantly

  • @BeddieKU23 said in Oh fella's - -Fella's - -listened to Big 12 media days:


    Coach mentioned that Braun & Harris were the most improved players from the offseason. Probably not a stretch because both needed to improve signficantly

    ya Christian kind of went through I’m not sure what but there was alot of times he would have the shot, and a really good look at that and would turn it down. Like he lost confidence in his stroke. Said he has been a lot mor aggressive in practices this year, we can sure use him

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