Not Just For The Pros!

  • I recently found this…

    NBA Shot Chart

    It would be nice to see college basketball included on this website.

    But as it is now, it is fun to study all the current NBA Jayhawks. Check out this past season for Marcus Morris. His game is extremely predictable. Very hot from one side of the perimeter, ice cold from the other side. Clumps of shots at one spot in mid-range… it appears he is being setup in plays to get his shot.

    I see where I will be spending a great part of my day!

  • @drgnslayr

    Very cool!

    It is easy to see that every players has a favorite spot. Interesting that some player you think are good shooter are not and vice versa.

    I believe the information comes from the real time tracking the NBA teams have in place; College teams are not quite there yet.

  • @drgnslayr

    I love those types of tools. It shows the level of sophistication that NBA scouting reports go to. As you pointed out with McMorris, teams see that he works the left side, primarily on pick and pop and the extended low post. Doesn’t do a lot of work around the high post, which means that he is either always rolling to the baseline (possibly by design) or he is more comfortable attacking the rim than shooting from the high post.

    That information is hugely valuable when preparing a report on how to defend a player.

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