So when is this going to end

  • Heard the other day the The NFL Commissioner has announced that the NFL will play TWO National Anthems before every game. - -You will have the one that’s been played forever before ball games THEN you will have one for the Blacks in some sort - - -WHAT ? - - - FOR WHAT ?

  • @jayballer67 If that’s true - I just checked out of the NFL. I’ll probably throw in on college basketball before long too, now that they’re professionals.

  • Hard for me to get bent out of shape over a few minutes of song that carries meaning to a group that for literally centuries was the target of intentional destruction of identity.

  • @mayjay If it’s true, it’s very easy for me to be upset. I thought we were ALL supposed to be Americans. Do we need to have national anthems for all races? Then we can make sporting events last - 12, 13 hours.

    I’d actually prefer no national anthem, period. Show up to the game, get your pop (or beer) and sit down and watch the event.

  • I don’t even listen to the anthem. A benefit of watching on TV. Just turn it on at like 12:02 CST or so…

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