Frank Clark-Again

  • As the news gets worse for Frank Clark, I wonder how soon the Chiefs will announce his termination from the team. Clark’s 3 felonies seem much worse than Kareem Hunt’s transgressions of lying to the Chiefs and battery. But, he’s innocent until proven guilty, so do the Chiefs suspend him with pay until the felony cases are finalized? For sure he can’t play this year for KC. I sure hope the Chiefs are actively looking for DEs for this season.

  • Is possession of a firearm worse than beating up a woman?

  • Wish they could just cut him rn. I imagine they have to let the legal side play out before they can do anything considering the cap implications.

    My bet is they start putting his salary in escrow until this is all resolved

  • @approxinfinity More serious under the law, yes. Clark faces felony weapons charges, whereas Hunt’s offenses were misdemeanors at most. Hunt was cut from the Chiefs for lying about the incident, not because of the potential criminal charges. Apparently, in California assault weapons like an Uzi carry a longer prison sentence.

  • Is it 3 felonies or 1??

  • DE is a position of concern for Chiefs. With Clarke potentially missing few games situation got a bit worse. They have resigned Okafor for back up. Jones is supposedly taking reps as outside rusher but still this is an area of concern.

    I hope that Mike Dana takes a big sophomore jump and and the rookie they signed out of FL State can provide adequate help as a back up.

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