Scouting The Hoop Summit

  • This is an interesting read. The piece was really about Emmanuel Mudiay but it was interesting that Oubre dominated him the way it reads.

    This is the only real paragraph worth reading imo. “Oubre on the other hand showed awesome quicks as he seemingly cut off Mudiay’s drives at will. Literally every time Mudiay crossed paths with Oubre he had a bad time (7:08, 10:54, 22:35, 27:50, 52:38). Also Oubre’s block on Trey Lyles was pretty awesome (1:24:45). DraftExpress thinks Oubre has questionable defensive fundamentals, and I’m not yet ready to say that they are wrong but I’m starting to question their questions. Also from my mix tape studying Oubre might be the most explosive guy on the floor and he finished with 3 assists and 1 turnover, so he’s checking off all of the boxes for me. It’s possible that he’s like Wiggins but slightly less athletic and way better at basketball. Again, maybe just a good game/good matchup but my intrigue is growing.”

    He also said “If I had to guess who would end up #1 on my big board among the players in the game, my rankings go Towns > Okafor > Oubre > Johnson > Turner > Winslow > Mudiay > Alexander > Jones.”

    So wow Oubre observation first hand is pretty good!

  • @Statmachine

    Good post. I think there’s something there, but I am a bit more tepid in my analysis of Oubre’s defense.

    7:08 - Mudiay in transition, but all five USA players get back on D. Mudiay probably should have pulled it out since he didn’t have numbers, as only two of his teammates ran with him, and neither of his bigs sprinted the floor.

    10:54 - Again in transition, this time he correctly pulls it back against the set defense. Oubre does a good job of cutting off the inital drive to reset.

    22:35 - A disaster of a press break, as the entire world team deserted Mudiay in the backcourt against a pretty solid trap (Oubre and Stanley Johnson). The world team lacked a second ballhandler and it showed up several times. Oubre does a great job here of not fouling once he has a guy in trouble.

    27:50 - Oubre came in help here and deflected the pass. Good play by Oubre off the ball.

    52:38 - Had a half step on Oubre, but help was there in the lane (appears to be Cliff Alexander). Oubre did a nice job funneling him to the help here.

    I’d say Oubre is a solid defender, but not on the level we saw Wiggins at. I think the criticism of Oubre is that his hips tend to get a little high, which makes him vulnerable to quickness on the perimeter. If he cleans that up, he should be fine. He stayed low on Mudiay and was able to cut him off, but when he gets high, he can be beaten just like any other player. This is something that Self and staff will really have to stay after him on, because in college he will face guys that can exploit that on a regular basis.

  • Oubre = TAD

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