On The Bright Side

  • Losing today means we get transfer/recruiting news faster.

  • ☕

  • uh oh - - BShark - -ummm we didn’t lose lmao

  • Don’t worry, this thread has real potential.

  • This was the worst offensive team in Bill’s tenure at KU the whole time. Really impressive to get the wins this team did tbh.

  • We had a 20 win season and made the tournament. That’s loser talk for sure but those are some impressive streaks.

  • Also there’s beer. That’s helpful

  • On the Bright Side for next year these guys could all be back to grow, develop and hopefully get KU to the top of the Big-12 and an NCAA championship in 21-22

    David McCormack showed he could be a feature scorer at various parts of the season. 19 of 30 games in double figures (including 5 20+ pt games), 6 double doubles. Showed major growth as the season went on in passing out of the post, near 80% FT shooter which is excellent for a big. Became an indispensable starter and offensive force. He needs help though.

    Ochai Agbaji led the team in scoring at 14.1, increasing his scoring by 4 ppg. 78 made 3’s on 37% shooting, high volume refined his shot in a good way and for the most part was consistent. Cut down on turnovers. Scored in double figures in 24 of 30 games with two 20+ games including a career high 26 against Oklahoma in the Big-12 tourney. Had 8 games of 4 or more made 3’s in a game.

    Jalen Wilson by far the best rebounder on the team averages a team best 7.9, 11 games of 10 or more rebounds, in double figures in scoring in 19 of 29 games. 12 games with 2+ 3’s made in a game. Was an unexpected key player after missing the 2019-2020 season with an injury. Lots of growth still to come for this one if he sticks around.

    Christian Braun was a first year starter nearly doubling his ppg to 9.7 in his 2nd year at KU. 52 made 3’s on the season, improved FT shooting, rebounds per game, assists, steals. Braun hit double figures in 14 of 30 games including a season high 30 for any Jayhawk on the season against St Joes. 14 games of 2 or more made 3’s.

    Bryce Thompson was off and on injured this season with 3 double figure scoring games. KU was 16-3 in games Bryce played this year. Expect major improvement for him next season.

    Dajuan Harris became a key rotation player in the later stage of the season including a season high in points (13) vs Eastern Washington in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Harris had 4 or more assists in 10 games this season despite coming off the bench in all but 1 game this season. Despite having a limited offensive role and being a pass first guard, Harris shot 48% from the field, 64% from 3 (Including 4/5 from 3 in the NCAA tourney), 80% FT and 7 games with 2 or more steals in a game. The future is bright for Dajuan.

    Prison Mitch Lightfoot played a reserve role for KU once again averaging 10 minutes per game scoring in double figures twice, including a big game against Oklahoma when David McCormack was out of the Big-12 tourney due to covid. Lightfoot will return for his 400th season next year.

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in On The Bright Side:

    Also there’s beer. That’s helpful

    lol - - ya i took care of that last night. Had me some Bud light Platium - -and there is always more lol

  • and now begins the painfully interminable wait til Nov 2021… tick tick tiiiiiiick

    wish we were playing some summer tour tourney thing…

  • @Bosthawk said in On The Bright Side:

    and now begins the painfully interminable wait til Nov 2021… tick tick tiiiiiiick

    wish we were playing some summer tour tourney thing…

    Oh cheer up my friend - -won’t be bad/long hell we always have football here at KU lol

  • Would like to see Creighton lose today for similar reasons.

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