2021 Last Chance U

  • Anyone else watching this? The very best of reality TV. Way to go, Netflix. For a change, this season is a JC basketball team in LA. This series gets up close and personal with several of the players and all the coaches. So far, I have the most respect for head coach Joe Mosely. Wow, what an incredible human being. Watch this series to understand how difficult it is to coach young men and for me a new way to address a problem player like Joe Hampton.

  • What’s it called?

  • @wissox Its the latest season of Last Chance U on Netflix. This one is a junior college basketball program. I just finished the season. Netflix does a nice job of acquainting viewers with the coaches and several of the key players. My only complaint is that there’s not enough coverage of the actual games.

  • Oh, duh, it’s in the title! I’ve seen some of it, didn’t grab me that much, maybe I’ll give it a 2nd look.

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