Wonderful , Nation wide Terrorist alert

  • man are you kidding ? The Dept of Homeland Security has issued a Nation Wide Terror alert.

    Saying a high threat of Attacks will persist following the successful presidential inauguration. As Violent riots from armed Anti Government extremists have been continuing in recent days ,

    There have been continued mounting threats Since last year stemming from COVID restrictions ,Biden defeating Pres Trump , Police Brutility & Illegal immigration - -this crap is just insane

  • New York Times went into a Q Anon audio chat room over the last couple weeks and they have an article with all the clips. These people honestly thought Trump would declare martial law and behead all the Democrats and that they deserved it. That’s the spell Trump put some people under. Now that it didn’t happen they are saying they have got each other and they can do it without Trump. The power of internet echo chambers.

  • @approxinfinity

    I cringed in several ways reading this…

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