Words I've never muttered before

  • Baylor will beat us like a rented mule.

    Thirty points minimum.

    Fifty if Scott Drew misses the game for any reason.

  • There goes my theory we win out on the road! I didn’t see the game and don’t really care to now.

  • @drgnslayr No. For the love of everything that is Holy, watch something else. Anything else. They were pathetic. Even more than they usually are in Stillwater.

    Stillwater, Ok. With 209 fans in the arena.

  • @drgnslayr we played hard second half. Dave was great. Worth a watch.

  • KU played good for about 8 minutes in the second half. 21-2 run was awesome. The last minute was a complete debacle.

    Ukekele makes a 3 being semi guarded by Dave, career 28% shooter. Complete momentum changer.

    Marcus playing hero ball was unsuccessful. I get the urgency as a senior to make a play. His pass out of bounds with 4 seconds was as Self said, not even close

  • So if you had to define it briefly… 30 minutes of suck, 10 minutes of effort?

    I wonder if it could be the water in “Still” water?

  • Self would never do it in a million years but I saw it mentioned that this team would be best off not only playing small more but basically giving up offensive rebounding in favor of getting back on defense and not allowing anything in transition. This makes sense because KU’s half court defense is actually excellent, especially when Dave isn’t in there.

  • In addition to Braun slumping, Jalen is as well. That’s just something this team can’t afford so you have to hope they start playing better.

  • @drgnslayr

    Played ok to first TV timeout but after the fact we couldn’t guard the perimeter or stop their transition game, it was making the game hard to watch with shades of the Texas game.

    Early 2nd half the game was getting out of hand. Oklahoma St started missing and KU found a way to score on 8 consecutive trips. The 21-2 run saw some stellar offense from Dave and guys started playing together. Self went triangle and two after the regular zone didn’t contain them. After getting all the way back to get up 3, the game changing 3 from Ok Lite, the last minute was just horrible execution. Guys seemed tense to make a play happen.

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