Mov'in on up.

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  • Maybe if life ever gets back to normal I can get tickets from Tyler! I have good friends who have been season ticket owners since the beginning of the first Austin Toros and now Austin Spurs who got to do a zoom call with Tyler last week. She hopes he stays awhile as their one from last year moved on so quickly. I think Tyler has always wanted to be a managerial type/coach and he can find out if this is what he wants to do. There’s a good following but by no means is there a full arena each time they play but they have won 2 championships so far and with the talent that switched back and forth from San Antonio to Austin it’s a big draw for people who crave a major league sports club here.

  • Hi Girlfriend. Long time. Covid quarantine makes me feel like I’ve have an ankle bracelet on for the last 10 months. Too bad you won’t be able to send any photos with you and the KU Coaches this year. I know you’ve been through a lot. Glad to know you’re still around.

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  • @wrwlumpy Hey buddy. Great to hear from you. I am thinking of purchasing a “fan board” of a #Jayhawk to put in the stands here in Austin for their home UT games. WDYT? Anybody buying one for AFH? I heard they are $69. Is that right?

    I turn the Big 65 Friday🎂 . Joe Biden has the same birthday! And RFK, Edwin Hubble, Bo Derek, Estelle Parsons, Richard Dawson, and Joe Walsh, to name a few. We are all good here and hope you and yours are healthy and safe.💋

  • I share a birthday with Marilyn Monroe and Dr. Seuss. Stay safe.

  • @wrwlumpy I’ve got Neil Armstrong, Patrick Ewing and film director John Huston as my birthday buddies. (Marilyn bummed me out on one of my birthdays by passing away the day before.)

  • My exact birthday bud is that Canadian guy (David Visentin) from Love It Or List it on HGTV. image.jpeg

    (And Elon Musk, John Elway and several other losers.)

  • I’m making myself and kids as cardboard fans… not putting them in AFH… just sitting them in front of my big screen. A realistic vision of my fandom currently. Cardboard popcorn, too! lol

  • I share birthdays with Russell Westbrook, Tonya Harding, Grace Kelly and Neil Young. What a mix.

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