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  • Two interesting topics I saw over the last few days at -

    1. Naadir Tharpe: Jeff Borzello tweeted the following - “Providence and Massachusetts are both in pursuit of former Kansas point guard Naadir Tharpe, per sources. Overseas also an option.”

    2. Robert Carter, Jr.: Former Georgia Tech forward/center Robert Carter, Jr., has KU on his list of possible transfer destinations, his former AAU coach tells Carter, 6-8, 247 pound sophomore originally from Thomasville, Georgia, averaged 11.4 points and 8.4 rebounds as a soph. He missed the first 10 games of the ACC season because of a torn meniscus in his left knee. He has visited St. John’s and will visit Maryland on June 2, his coach said. He also reportedly is considering South Carolina. Carter was ranked No. 33 in the recruiting Class of 2012 by

    A couple of quick takes – On topic one, “overseas” for Tharpe? That will surely bring him much closer to his little girl, I would imagine.

    On topic two, can you say “perfect fit for that open scholarship”? Or am I missing something.

  • Carter is intriguing. Kansas will be his best offer. He’s a natural to replace Alexander after he’s gone, and he’ll have a year to practice going head-to-head with Alexander, and building additional strength with Hudy.

    He’d fit in well as a power forward running the hi/lo.

    Even if he had a stellar first playing year as a Jayhawk, chances are he would return. He’d be a junior and juniors don’t get the NBA buzz freshmen get. We’d get a proven guy for two playing years with one year of practice first to learn Selfball. Heck of a deal for us, too.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Perhaps “overseas” will not bring Tharpe close to his daughter but i will surely provide income that is likely needed, particularly in view of her health issues. Having said that, I hope he does the smart thing and finishes his degree, since it might end up being of more use and for a longer time that what his BBall career will likely last.

  • @HighEliteMajor Should Tharpe decide to play basketball overseas, his daughter could very well travel with him. That may bring him closer to her and pay the bills. It’s his life and I wish him the best.

  • I guess I missed the part in his departure speech where he needed money, or wanted to go play in Europe.

    Does anyone really believe that a kid and the kid’s (unmarried) mom that could have moved to Lawrence to be close to him, would travel around Europe?

    But we can always look for the highly unlikely “maybe.”

    Self traded Tharpe – out the door magically and coincidentally on the eve of Graham’s commitment – for Graham. I mean, this health issue with his daughter (that had improved, mind you) suddenly inspired Tharpe to transfer. And Graham, of course, admitted that Tharpe’s departure was a factor in his decision to commit.

    It is amazing sometimes how the planets align.

  • Tharpe can do whatever he wants. It’s his life. It does not matter what you may or may not have missed. I respect the young man’s right to say and do as he wishes. If he said he wanted to transfer closer to home because of his daughter, then maybe that’s what he was feeling at the time. It’s his life, and I wish him well as he transitions into adulthood. Does it really make you feel better to poke holes in his story?

  • @KansasComet It’s the end of May. There isnt much to talk about except a few transfers and additions. Tharpe was our weakest link going into next season and he would have been in the most important postiion. Not an ideal situation for HCBS or us the fans. I am sure Tharpe didnt just wake up and think he wanted to transfer. The fact is no one buys the fabricated official stories that we the fans are fed, so yeah there is speculation.

  • @Statmachine the draft will be exciting along w/BMac’s event, July 26, for kids.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    “It is amazing sometimes how the planets align.”

    I’m afraid I’m as skeptical as you are concerning all of this.

    Though I don’t think it matters why Tharpe is leaving.

    He was a Jayhawk and he’ll always be a Jayhawk… and we got his back by supporting him and hoping he finds the right path for himself.

    Good luck, Naadir!

  • Robert Carter Jr. 11 pts/ 8 rebounds in 27 mpg. Sounds like a guy who will be able to contribute, especially with another year of growth. I say sign him up! My thought would be he would outperform most freshman we could recruit by the time he gets to play in the 2015-2016 season anyway, so don’t see anything but a positive!

  • He will always be a jawhawk in my mind, and I wish him well-I just wish he wouldn’t have posted that selfie.

  • @Statmachine

    I respectfully disagree with your statement that Tharpe was our weakest link going into next season. Tharpe played brilliantly at times during last season and won a few games for KU. As I understand, he injured his hand towards the end of the season and play the final games and post-season with an injured hand, something that likely affected his shooting and his ability to handle the ball.

    Going into the next season, he would have been our most experience guard and most likely the starter; don’t forget that Coach Self tried starting Mason and did not work out all that well. There is no reason to think that over the summer he could not have corrected the issues he had last season and come back as a smarter, improved player.

    Earlier in my career I gave up a huge opportunity that would have resulted in a much better future but I passed on it so I could be closer to my (at the time) young children; I can understand his desire to be close to his daughter, particularly if she has a health issue, this is after all what good parents do, and if this is the main reason for his transfer, then I have even more respect for him.

  • Carter does sound like a good fit. Could slip in if Alexander leaves after one year. But we already have a crowded roster. We already have 12 guys that want playing time. Granted, you don’t know who will be here after next season, so you have to keep em coming. But it sure would be nice to have some scholarships available for the following year. I guess we will use those if someone does leave after next year. I’ve been one of the ones who pointed out that Self, like most or all coaches, don’t worry about playing time or having too many players. They recruit as many good players as they can get and don’t worry about guys being troubled by a lack of playing time.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Curious as to who you would have thought was our weakest link then?

    Tharpe did play “brilliantly at times” last season. But he completely collapsed. He was completely unreliable and opposing teams targeted him as our weakness.

    You say … “There is no reason to think that over the summer he could not have corrected the issues he had last season and come back as a smarter, improved player.”

    He was junior going into his senior season. That is one reason. The better reason is exactly what we saw – a weak player with no grit, very limited ability to defend, very few leadership qualities, and a propensity in the latter part of the season to let us down when we needed him most. Self had to bench him repeatedly vs. EKU, as just one example.

    You refer to Self starting Mason. Self did that because he couldn’t get his junior point guard focused, and Tharpe thought Self didn’t like him. More evidence of lack of mental toughness – given that exactly one year earlier Self had to play the same game with Tharpe.

    There is actually no reason to think that this tiger would change his stripes. Don’t you think Self thought this as well? It seems painfully obvious that Self influenced this transfer/trade for Graham. Self seems to have a view on what was better for KU next season, and Tharpe wasn’t part of it.

    I was very much in Tharpe’s corner heading into the season. But my opinion (sadly) changed dramatically.

    Personally, I think it is as simple as this – Tharpe just didn’t meld with Self’s style of coaching. I say that in part based on Tharpe worrying about whether Self “liked” him last November. But also in part regarding his demeanor. Tharpe had the whipped puppy look – in contrast to multiple players who seemed to take their medicine like a man.

    I am curious, still – who would have been our weakest link, if not Tharpe?

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