ACC 30 Second Shot Clock

  • Looks like the ACC will try a 30 second shot clock for this years exhibition games. Seems some people don’r like low scoring games. Myself, I like to see play strategy. If I wanted to watch high speed bb I’d watch NBA games. Only strategy there is inbound the ball, player brings it up court and shoots. If he misses and there’s a defensive rebound that player brings it up court and shoots. Leave the college shot clock at 35. What say ya’ll?

  • @brooksmd I agree. I’m not a fan of lowering the shot clock to 30 seconds.

  • Change is a constant and inevitable, if not always for the better. I’m amazed at how different college basketball is now versus the 1970s. Another fifty years and I won’t recognize it at all. Maybe they should NOT allow a shot until the last ten seconds of the shot clock?

  • @brooksmd

    Self hopes it stays 35. He couldn’t run his offense on a 24 second clock and it would be pushing it at 30.

  • I’m a fan of lowering the clock. A shorter shot clock favors more talented teams because more possessions means more opportunities for the talent to win out.

    The college women’s clock is already at 30. I would guess the men’s clock will be at 30 by 2020. Might as well go with it now.

  • @justanotherfan You realize that you just made a clear and correct argument AGAINST Self’s style of offense. You are correct, the more possessions, the more chance that the superior team should prevail, and exactly why inferior teams try to use all of the shot clock. And exactly why KU, as generally the more talented team, shouldn’t.

    Further, if you are a good defensive team, as Self tends to coach, then the shorter the clock, the better chance your solid defense will prevail.

    So, lowering the shot clock may change Self’s offensive approach while capitalizing on Self’s defensive approach.

  • @HighEliteMajor Perhaps a shorter shot clock would favor the zone press? Just make the other team lose a few extra seconds before they can set up their offense: they get a 25 second shot clock, we get 30 seconds.

    Does anyone do that in the NBA?

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I realize that. I think as a defensive coach Self would benefit from having a shorter shot clock. I think it would also force him to bring in (or utilize) an offensive coach to help get some more creative action besides the high-low and weave that he typically runs. Someone on that staff created “Chop”, so there is a good offensive mind there somewhere. They just need to utilize it to be more creative rather than getting into the same basic set every trip.


    Not much pressing in the NBA for a couple of major reasons. First, each team has at least one reliable ball handler on the court at all times. You really can’t press most NBA PGs because they handle the ball too well and would turn a trap into a 4 on 3 situation. Look at the teams in the conference finals right now - Miami can have Chalmers, Cole, Wade or James handle the ball. Even Ray Allen can bring it up on occasion, so they have at least five guys that can handle in their 9 man rotation. Indiana has Hill, Stephenson, George and Watson. San Antonio has Parker, Green, Leonard, Ginobili, Mills and Bellinelli. OKC has Westbrook, Jackson, Durant, and Fisher. That’s at least four legitimate ball handlers for each team.

    Second, with the longer game most teams don’t want to wear down their starters by pressing. Some teams press with their second unit for a change of pace, but it’s more valuable to have your starters able to play 35+ minutes than to maybe gain a couple extra possessions with a press.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Coach Self’s offense style is not predicated on using the full clock. Granted, it is not the run and gun, fast break style prefer by Coach Roy Williams but it is not and has never been one that relies on milking the clock. KU would have no problem using a 30 second clock and it could actually help the defense as well.

    The average game has between 60 and 80 possessions per team and the average possession time for the entire NCAA is 18.1 seconds. Lowering the shot clock to 30 second will not have that big of an effect since only a small percentage of possession go over 30 seconds anyway. Yes, it might sped up the game tempo some but I will guess the time of possession will not change much.

  • I’m for the shorter clock, it will prevent weaker teams or less talented teams to stay in a game.

    Self is smart enough to adjust his game by 5 seconds, plus he can turn up the defensive intensity more knowing he has to guard for 5 less seconds.

    Plus with all the reviews at the end of games something needs to happen before the games reach 3 hours.

  • Can’t believe no one has ripped on my entire 35 seconds of the shot clock Badgers!

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