Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk To KU

  • I only thought that it appropriate that I announce the news. Trust in Self. National title ---- Please???

    I asked this on another thread this morning, just kind of crossed my mind. Does anyone think AW3 knew this possibility was coming? I mean nothing new changed since late March to affect AW3’s situation. Graham for Tharpe was a push. Makes me wonder …


  • Unreal. Bill working his magic. What does this do to our lineup? Does he take the spot of CF due to his size and the fact that they are both advertised as sharp shooters?

  • @HighEliteMajor Wheter you trust Self or not, let’s just hope for two great years out of this kid. And yes, National Title PLEASE!

  • What does everyone think about him staying home for the summer? I remember when Wiggins announced everybody was worried about him staying in Canada to play with the national team, then praised him for coming early to KU. Is everyone going to brush off this kid staying in the Ukraine this summer (as Self appears to have done)?

    Now my hopes are that one of the players (CF, Mason, Greene) this kid will be siphoning minutes from will red-shirt as opposed to transfer.

  • Ok, here’s a plan for the perimeter - CF or Mason, Graham, Selden, Oubre, SM (might be perfect for SM as the 5th perimeter guy, who gets scrap minutes).

    CF or Mason (loser of that battle) and Greene redshirt.

    Oubre and Selden turn pro.

    2015 - CF, Mason, Graham, SM, and Greene. Sign a nice non-OAD to develop.

    Amazing how stud our perimeter is for the future, but how unsettled our post spots are. Maybe Self plays more outside in? Maybe???

    What are the odds that Brannen Greene, right now, is saying “This isn’t what I’d hoped”? But if he did redshirt, and have two gangbuster years, he is likely the NBA guy Self said he is.

    But I can’t imagine that SM is better than CF or Greene right now. Self seems to think in his quotes that he’ll play next season.

    “Obviously, this is great news for us," Self said today. “He is 16 years old and will turn 17 in June, but his skill level, knowledge and aptitude for the game are way beyond his years. I think that he will be an immediate impact guy. He is a guy that can play all three positions on the perimeter. At 6-8, he can play point, play the No. 2 (guard) or the No. 3 (guard). He allows us to be more versatile next year and certainly, there would be few people that would shoot it better than him.”

    Again, what is Brannen Greene thinking?

  • @HighEliteMajor My gut tells me that Greene is 2 full years older than this kid, physically more mature and has a year of NCAA basketball / Bill Self practices under his belt. Also, Greene seems like he has quite a bit of fight in him.I like Greene’s chances to play in front of SM.

  • @HighEliteMajor I too wonder what Greene is thinking, as well as Connor & Mason. While SM might not cut their minutes directly, the ripple effect certainly does. This was my fear all along.

    I think for Greene, best case scenario is a red shirt, then hope that both Selden & Oubre turn pro next year. That would open things up for him to start at the 3, with SM being a very tall 2.

    The nightmare scenario for him would be if he red shirts and neither Selden nor Oubre turn pro. In which case he burned a year of eligibility for nothing.

  • @icthawkfan316 It will be very interesting to see if there is any other “ripple effects” between now and the start of the season, or through semester. I think once they start school in the fall, a transfer would have to sit until after 1st semester of the following season. The next few months will be interesting to see – if there is any (more) movement related to this signing. I say “more” because maybe AW3’s decision was based in part on this possibility.

    Essentially, Self traded Tharpe and White for Graham and SM.

    @joeloveshawks - Exactly. We say this a lot though – is SM coming to Kansas now to simply ride the pine? If not, who sits? Selden and Oubre, we know, will play. Self has to have two ball handlers – Graham, CF and/or Mason. Can’t imagine Self sits Greene with the reincarnation of Pistol Pete Maravich and Manu Ginoboli rolled into one sitting there. Self obviously thinks he’ll play now. He said that about Graham, too.

  • Also on the international front, saw that Iowa State signed a 7 footer from Greece that plays on their national team. Not sure I’ll believe it though until he plays a year at some other university then decides to transfer to ISU 🙂

  • 12 players that are competing for playing time this season: Ellis, Alexander, Selden, Oubre, Graham, Mason, Frankamp, Traylor, Mickelson, Lucas, Greene, Mykhailiuk. Only 9 of them will see minutes.

    Let’s start with the obvious, Ellis, Selden, Alexander, and Oubre are locks for playing time.

    Traylor is a pretty safe bet and between Mickelson and Lucas, I think Mickelson will win the 4th spot for a big.

    The point guard spot will be between Graham, Mason, and Frankamp and I suspect Self will pick 2 of them. As of right now I have no idea who gets the short straw but that leaves one available spot for 3 players. Right now I’m leaning toward Graham starting and Mason coming off the bench as the back up, which sucks because I do like CF a lot.

    And that brings us to Greene, Mykhailiuk, and Frankamp. I’m leaning toward Greene getting minutes but I can’t imagine that Mykhailiuk came to KU to sit on the bench and watch. Also, Self called Mykhailiuk an immediate impact guy which would indicate to me that he will play this season. So I guess Frankamp, Greene, and Lucas won’t get too much playing time this season.

  • Banned

    @HighEliteMajor – I think you may be onto something. However, AW3 was struggling to get playing time even with Mykhailiuk entering the equation. I know you have reservations HEM, but I’m thinking this kid is the real deal. He will most likely get pushed around at first as the US game is more physical. After he adjusts and gets stronger look out.

  • This is Fran Fraschilla’s take on ESPN “Insider”. Fran is the International expert as you all know. I’m not sure that what he says means he will be an instant starter or anything but obviously he has a lot of tools. I’m shocked at how young he is.

    Kansas has added one of the best young players in Europe to its 2014-2015 roster. Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk (pronounced ME-kuy-luke), a 6-foot-6, 16-year-old Ukrainian guard, signed with the Jayhawks today after considering scholarship offers, initially, from Virginia, Oregon and Iowa State.

    Mykhailiuk, who averaged 25 points and eight rebounds at the 2013 European Under-16 B Division Championship last summer and was named to the all-tournament team, recently played in the Nike Hoop Summit. His minutes were limited as he arrived in Portland, Oregon, as a late addition to the World Team, but his appearance made him the youngest player to ever compete in the game.

    It was during the practice sessions leading up to the Hoop Summit game where Mykhailiuk really shined. He shouldn’t be characterized as a point guard or shooting guard because he is multiskilled and can play either position, and he showed that during the World Team practices.

    Mykhailiuk is an outstanding shooter with range, though he struggled in the Under-16 tournament, making only 28 percent of his 3-point attempts. He did, however, make 77 percent of his free throw attempts. He handles the ball well for his size and has a better than average feel for the game as a playmaker.

    Though he will turn only 17 years old in June, Mykhailiuk is well put together physically for a young player. This past season, he played for the Cherkasy Monkeys of the Ukrainian Superleague. His teammates included Americans Ronald Moore (Siena) and Jamal Boykin (California). While the level of play in Ukraine is not the best in Europe, it is a very physical league. That will make his adjustment to the college game even easier.

    Mykhailiuk’s transition to college should be relatively smooth because he has already mastered the language barrier. Both of his parents are educators, and his English is certainly above average for a Ukrainian teenager.

    Initially, I see Bill Self using Mykhailiuk off the ball where he won’t have the pressure of running a team. As he grows more comfortable in the Kansas system, he will be entrusted to have the ball in his hands more. I believe that if he were playing in the United States as a high school junior, he would be rated among the top 10 players in the Class of 2015.

    Interestingly, when Self visited with Mykhailiuk and his family after the Hoop Summit, he discussed with them the great Kansas basketball tradition. While they were impressed, the biggest impression was made when they discovered that Self had coached Russian Sasha Kaun during his four years at Kansas. Kaun is now starring for CSKA Moscow, one of the top clubs in Europe. It is too early to tell about Mykhailiuk’s NBA future, but like Kaun, at a minimum, he should have a very good European professional career.

  • We just got a lot better! Competition at every position. Should be another great year. Outstanding recruiting class. Understandable that AWIII and Tharpe left. They were not going to play this year. The fat has been trimmed. We should be solid this year. Now if we can have a little luck come tournament time…

  • I have to be honest… I’m as excited signing this kid as I was signing Wiggins.

    He’s going to be an impact player this year and next year… and we’ll see after that.

    I guess he grew 2 more inches in the past week or two… or he received the “KU bump” (added height from KU-rigged tape) right after committing.

    As soon as this guy adjusts to college ball (which I expect it to happen this coming year) he will be a big time player and his unique name will be bobbled by every sportscaster in America. I can’t wait to hear them attempt his name.

    We better get a nickname on him quick. Heard it was “Svia.”

    Guess that is a start until we come up with something to match his play. Maybe “Larry Bird?” Wait… that’s been taken…

  • @drgnslayr We need to start by spelling his last name right:

    Sviatoslav MykhailiKU!

  • @ParisHawk

    Love it!

  • In other news…

    There is an excellent chance we will still use that one remaining scholarship.

    It could even be for one more Int’l player.

    Svia may bring a buddy with him.

  • When I first saw his name a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned it here and literally got no response. Well coach Self must follow my posts because he had enough sense to sign the Ukrainiak.

    @ParisHawk Brilliant! Get it trademarked!

    The phonetic spelling @joeloveshawks gave us My-kuy-luke provides absolutely no guidance on how to pronounce the middle syllable! And his first name? Forgetaboutit!

    I’m just glad we get to call him Jayhawk!

  • @HighEliteMajor Welcome Comrade

  • Excellent and welcome to the Chalk “Myck”(pro. Mike) or “Mick.” We just increased our fire power.

  • Fantastic news! Self really has worked more recruiting magic…

    It’s also great news for Myck who could be entering the NBA draft at the age of 18 – with TWO years of major college experience. That’s remarkable!

    Imagine Hudy getting to work with a kid still in the prime growth years of 17-18 and the ability for him to learn from Self’s system for two years at this age.

    (wondering how much credit we should be giving to Sasha…)

  • @HighEliteMajor It really is intriguing if Self “traded” Tharpe and White for Graham and Mikhy (if they are actually linked behind the scenes).

    Personally, I just dont see Brannen Greene redshirting. He knows the System, he’s big, and his demeanor isnt going to take redshirting. He is a horse you let out of the gate, and you ride him. No way a 16yr old with no knowledge of Self ball plays ahead of Greene. The whole maturity angle (physically and mentally) is a big factor for Mikhy’s potential mpg…but even bigger is he just doesnt know Self’s system and the plays. Certainly not as well as Greene and Mason do.

    I have noticed on this site, as well as on the old LJW site, that the speculation on who is going to ‘redshirt’ is simply astonishing, to say the least, considering Self-players must have experience and physicality to play well in this system. People are forgetting that our junior “PG” just transferred. The most experienced PG currently is Frank Mason, by a wide margin over CF (minutes played)–yet people keep putting his name out there for a redshirt. So what kind of “experience” will be running PG if Mason redshirts? That’s immensely scary to me. Sherron couldnt run the show as a frosh, but gave great hi-energy minutes off the bench. So how is a non-MikeyD-anybody going to come run PG. RussRob NOR Tyshawn could run the point as frosh. EJ couldnt either. So what are people expecting if Mason redshirts? I’m sorry, but I’m at a total loss why it is speculated that Mason may redshirt?

  • @truehawk93

    I was thinking along the same lines…Mick has a nice ring to it.

  • Nice take on Coach Self at Bleacher Report…

    Article on Coach Self as recruiter…

  • @ralster I agree. I love Connor and want nothing but success. I’m from Wichita and have nothing against Connor, but we all know Connor has too many disadvantages. I said he had skill limits and was immediately challenged by one or two that disagreed and said he was athletically challenged. I say he has a limited skill set, lol. Connor greatest strength is his shooting and I also said he worked hard for that strength.

    He understands basketball and he’s an intelligent player. I just don’t see Conor doing much. He reminds me a lot of Ali Farokmanesh, only slightly better. It’s hard to admit when a player you really like might not play meaningful minutes, but it happens. Connor’s dad is a coach too. I know he totally understands. I happened to like Jeremy Case and believe he was as good, if not better than Connor, definitely more athletic, but we all saw what happened to Case. Case was a coach’s son too. I think Connor will play some special minutes, and wouldn’t call them “mop” mintues either. He’s going to be key at the 1 and maybe the 2 as his time allows. Again, if he is patient, he will have a killer senior year. We could discuss Adams and Woolridge too, but same situation. Adams wasn’t quite the shooter of Connor, Case, and Woolridge, but Adams, Case, and Woolridge were as athletic as Connor.

    It’s going to be pretty simple. I know there is one on this board that “cringes” when a lineup is speculated, but will post it again:

    Mason-Connor - But watch Graham during the second half of the season take minutes from Connor.

    Selden-Myck- This will be intriguing.

    Oubre-Green- I like this and it’s solid.

    Ellis-Traylor- SOLID

    Alexander- and it’s wide open between Lucas/Mickelson

    If you’re of the 8 man rotation I will give you a final lineup, cringe now…:)


    Selden-Myck - This kid can play 1-4 if necessary. He’s Self answered prayer.


    Ellis-Traylor…ok nine man rotation as needed


    It’s all great and a win win for all that want it to be a win.

  • @ralster-Agreed raster, no way he’s a leg up on Greene out of the chute. But for a moment just imagine what a redshirt year could do for him? Another thought also is that Selden’s wheels aren’t as solid as Bill would like & he’ll need more than Greene at the 2 & the 3? If only the fly on the wall could talk. Self & his staff are far more knowledgeable of these guys’ limitations for sure, while all we can do is kick around the chatter & spin. I read that this new kid is closer to 6’ 5" than the 6’ 8" some are writing on the major sports sites. Tick tock, tick tock…time will tell at late night.

  • OMGoodness!!! Just found out…I’m totally excited to get this kid.

    He looks to be more cerebral than athletic (sarcasm font.)

  • Imagine the possibilities for us going with a big lineup or a small (lightning fast) lineup!

    I still wouldn’t be surprised if we land a big fella out there with that last scholarship.

    If he’s out there… Self is on him.

    There are several foreign big guys…

  • @globaljaybird NO, no, no, why would Self bring him to RS? Self said he’s an immediate impact player. What he produces during his first year is all bonus. He develops his first year and really impacts his second year.

    I’m looking ahead and think Connor is the lone beneficiary of a RS. We don’t need him right now with Myck. I would love to have Connor an extra year after he’s developed and all grown up. Connor just can’t give you solid production due to his skill set or athleticism. I say give Connor an extra year of eligibility and then watch him dominate yr 4 and 5 senior yr. Connor and his dad get it. If Connor wants a chance, he sits and waits anyway. Better to do it with a RS than sitting pine for no real reason.

    Mason’s skills and athleticism are needed now. Graham will take Connor’s minutes and will chip into Mason’s. I would love to see Connor for a long time at KU. RS Mason is only going to prolong the PG log jam. Use Mason and Graham now, and bring Connor in later.

    Green is the same as Mason. Green is the total package and Self’s dream player with his size, skills, and athleticism. You’d be foolish to RS Green. RS Green is almost like saying RS Alex. I think Green and Mick are going to be nasty. I would also think Selden is good as gone after this year. Mick will be a nice supplement to Selden’s draft election. Oubre may likely be gone in two years. We may well lose Oubre and Mick together. Self has orchestrated Green’s stay through his senior year.

    All the transfer talk is over. Our transfers have left Lawrence. I don’t think you’ll see anymore transfers. These kids know how special they have it.

    Self needs a solid 4, PF, 6-8,9 to play under Perry and Traylor. That last scholarship would serve that position well. Once Selden jumps, then get either another 6-9 or 6-10, 7-0 center. Self’s not against playing 2-forwards as he will this year with Ellis and Alex. We are solid for the next two years. But I’m seeing an immediate need rising at the 4 unless Mickelson will step in to that role. I could see Alex staying after Perry leaves. You could see Alex back at the true 4 and Mickelson at the lone 5. Keep in mind if these new recruits stay 2 years, Ellis, Traylor and Lucas are all gone.

  • #Fantastic news! Welcome to KU family, Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk!#

    By the way, Sviatos just grew 2 KU inches as soon as he committed. 🙂

    A native of Cherkasy, Ukraine, Mykhailiuk is a 6-foot-8, 195-pound shooting guard/small forward. The 16-year old will be eligible to play in the upcoming 2014-15 season.

    And now he no longer is a combo guard, but a guard/forward.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • AWESOME!!! Maybe we’ll make it out of the first week of the tournament this year. Or…maybe not.

  • What fantastic news to start my Thursday (clap) (clap) (clap). Below is a link to Nike Hoops Summit video and NBC Sports (Rob Dauster) article about the signing:

    Rob Dauster

    May 21, 2014, 2:10 PM EDT

    Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, one of the most intriguing European prospects to come along since Ricky Rubio, has decided that he will head to Kansas for at least two seasons.

    “Obviously, this is great news for us,” Kansas head coach Bill Self said in a release announcing the commitment. “He is 16 years old and will turn 17 in June, but his skill level, knowledge and aptitude for the game are way beyond his years.”

    Mykhailiuk is a 6-foot-8 wing who is still just 16 years old. He played at the Nike Hoop Summit in April and was the youngest player in the history of the event. A native of Ukraine, Mykhailiuk played big minutes in the Ukranian professional league this past season. But he never signed a contract specifically in order to retain his collegiate eligibility.

    The plan is for Mykhailiuk to spend two seasons at Kansas before entering the NBA Draft, as that’s how long it would take for him to be 19 years old and eligible to declare.

    ##“I liked everything [about Kansas],” Mykhailiuk said in the release. “From the history, the strength program and especially the coaches – everything. It’s Kansas. KU has players every year. Coach Self has had so many players go to the NBA. That’s an important thing.”

    Mykhailiuk’s an above average athlete whose strength is in his ability to shoot the ball. He’s a capable passer and can jump passing lanes defensively, but he still needs to add some strength to better finish around the basket and be a more capable defender. That’s understandable, however. In Ukraine, high schoolers graduate at the equivalent of what is 11th grade here.

    “He is a guy that can play all three positions on the perimeter,” Self said. “He allows us to be more versatile next year and certainly, there would be few people that would shoot it better than him.”

    According to an NBA scout that has seen Mykhailiuk play, if he was in the Class of 2015 or 2016, which is likely where he would be classified if he played high school ball in the states, he would be a top ten recruit. He compared him to Nik Stasukas.

    Mykhailiuk joins a loaded perimeter attack for the Jayhawks, as he’ll likely be stuck behind Kelly Oubre, Wayne Selden and Brannen Greene.

  • ##Devonte’ Graham ‏@im_dat_kid_dtae · 9h
    ##Show the bro @SMykhailiuk some love he’s coming to KU !! #kubball

    From Fran Fraschilla ‏@franfraschilla · 9h
    More great info on Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, Kansas’ newest recruit from @rustindodd -

    ##This guy not afraid to show his emotions:

    ##Devonte’ Graham ‏@im_dat_kid_dtae · 5h

    ##😢😢😢😢 yooo I never thought I would cry bc I’m leaving Brewster academy but it has been one of my best years by far ! I’m gonna miss everybody

  • @ralster I agree on Mason and I expect him to be the starting point guard. But I’ve long since learned that my opinion controls nothing in the universe.

    The speculation on a redshirt is simple numbers, as you know. And it will come down to a decision by Self. We know he won’t tie his own hands.

    But here’s the situation: Three guys that can handle to ball at the point, and now a fourth, SM, who seems like a legit emergency point (compared to Selden, who just isn’t, or at least wasn’t).

    SM won’t redshirt. Graham won’t either. So if there is one among that group, it’s CF or Mason. All four of them won’t play regularly. At least one is the odd man out. We know that.

    And if a kid starts out redshirting and there is a calamity (injuries), he can still play.

    So what if Self does prefer CF over Mason? Now, Self could obviously prefer Mason over Graham. Again, this “immediate impact” stuff would tend to imply that Graham is a guy Self thinks will play. I’m not so sure I’m ready to buy that one, though. I think Mason and CF are ahead of Graham quite easily. It’s a matter of how good Graham really is, and how quickly he assimilates. The Mason speculation is solely taking Self at his word on SM and Graham, and then crunching the roster numbers by skill, size, and positioning.

    But I’m absolutely with you. Mason has the most experience. He demonstrated that he matured as the year progressed (much fewer drives into the abyss), and his three point shot got better. He also was a much more active distributor.

    I think Mason is our best bet there. But this coming from a guy who was squarely on the Tharpe bandwagon on May 22, 2013.

  • I’ve watched a fair amount of film on S.M. ( not S AND M …) and I believe that his biggest asset is that he PLAYS the game.

    I hope Self doesn’t get him to think.

  • I cherish the thought that Conner Frankamp might spend five years in the system. If, indeed, he is to red shirt, this would appear to be the year. I, too, foresee Mason starting this season at the point, with Graham chipping away at his minutes by early January. Svi and Wayne might see more on-ball time as the need arises. If Greene makes the monster sophomore leap which I anticipate, he and Oubre will share equal time in Wiggins’ slot. The 4 position is secure with Ellis and Traylor. Question mark at the five spot, which of the pair, Lucas or Mickelson, will relieve Alexander? So…10-man rotation…with one scholarship still dangling.

  • @nuleafjhawk Pretty funny … how often do you think this kid has been told DON’T shoot?

    Self: Look, we need to get this ball into the post. That’s our offense.

    SM: What do you mean?

    Self: I mean, I want us to look for the post entry pass early in the possession.

    SM: “look for the post entry pass” … but I can shoot if I’m open, right?

    Self: Right, but you’ll be sitting next to me.

    SM: So I have to look at the shot clock before I shoot?

    Self: We need to be aware of the shot clock.

    SM: I’m not sure I really understand English – I shoot ball (in Russian accent).

    Self: Ok, then “you sit bench” (also in Russian accent)

  • @HighEliteMajor I think it’s a little spooky that you can look into the future…

    I know it’s been documented that Self had to continually get on Andrew Wiggins to be more selfish, but looking at your post, I can actually see Self having that conversation with just about any gifted shooter/scorer. I think the young fellas might be getting mixed messages.

    “Shoot more. Score more. But only after 5 passes and only when there’s 6 seconds or less on the shot clock.”

  • @nuleafjhawk Self definitely brought out the treadmill for Rush after he didn’t shoot when open.

    I hope these conversations depend a little bit on lineups:

    • “The post player is a #1 draft pick: get him the ball.” or
    • “The post player is the best rebounder coming out of high school: shoot when open unless there is no offensive rebounder in sight.”

    Don’t tell me the better D1 shooters aren’t aware of rebounding position, game situation and the shot clock…

  • lists Mykhailiuk as 6-foot-6 in shoes, citing a Nike Hoops Summit measurement.

    6’8" is definitely with 3 KU inches added.

    And per Fran, “He handles the ball well for his size.” So I’d expect Mason to blow by him or pick his pocket every other possession. 🙂

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I totally cracked up on your last post. A+ for comedy and also for some degree of reality.

    Yes… Wiggins was nudged to shoot the ball this year, just like BMac was the year before.

    The key you hit on several times now… that Self applies too many rules and discipline that college kids just aren’t ready to implement yet. He needs to lighten up a bit and look for simpler methods of teaching and executing a strategy.

    This is at the core of why we play stiff in March… and don’t adjust well to tough situations.

    There is a place for discipline and strict rules… including in college basketball. But it has to be applied in a way that doesn’t make players get out of the flow and start thinking too much.

    I get down hard on Self… but I do see him make changes almost every year and it keeps me having faith that he’ll figure out the right formula for making his guys play loose and with confidence. This has little to do with how old the guys are on the team… in 2013, we had a team of mostly 4 and 5-yr seniors and they still stiffened up in March.

    The difference between this kid and Wiggins and BMac… this kid already knows how to create shooting space anywhere on the court… something both Wiggins and BMac couldn’t do. And he has better ball handling skills, giving him the option to move with the ball. This is the type of player that you can go to with 5 seconds left in the game, down by 1, and he’ll at least get a good shot up because he’ll move his feet and use fakes. Chances are… he’ll get fouled!

    It may take a little while for him to adjust his game, but what I will be looking at most in his freshman year is the amount of FTs he attempts versus his PT minutes. I bet this kid lives at the line! Something we haven’t had from a perimeter player in a long time (except for Wiggins, who got there by brute forcing it in the paint).

  • @HighEliteMajor @nuleafjhawk

    Absolutely agree 100%. If you watch games and review games everyone one of our shooters looked first. They almost look/ed a little confused at times because they appeared to be shoot first, then pass at times. Hence the reason for many of our crazy discussions about decision making by some players. I can’t get the EJ pass outside to Tharpe for the win against Michigan from head…but we should be able to do a better job.

    Self will inevitably pound inside to Ellis, Alex, and either Lucas or Mickelson first. But depending which G/F is in the game, you’ll see some driving and dishing. Self will be silly not to drive and dish, especially with this insane firepower. And to your point Mason has shown to be the drive/dish pg we need right now. Graham looks to be capable, but that transition from high school play to D1 is NASTY and will wake you up in games the hard way, sitting on the bench, wondering, “What the heck did I just do?” Pass the ball? Graham will realize the talent level he’s against and should adjust in the second half of the season, if he doesn’t think too much ; )

    I’ll never forget a game when an analyst observed Wiggins’ shots. He said, Wiggins needs to catch and shoot. He went on to say that when he did, he made many more shots, But when he catches and dribbles and then pulls up, he misses many shots. I watched him from the point and whoever it was, was right. I think it is the hesitation that throws many shooters.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Natasha:“Look Boris, moose and squirrel.”

    Boris: “Not now Natasha, watching Svia and Jayhawks.”

    Wiggins just did wonders for KU exposure in Canada-now we’ll have double the exposure Sasha Kaun got us in Russia.

  • Curious- why was this kid not on the recruiting radar before? Did he not open himself to be recruited or did we just not know about him? Such a sudden move, Bill!

  • Svi will not start over Greene. Neither would AWIII. AWIII saw both Greene and Oubre ahead of him, and I doubt very much he knew about this news before anybody else.

  • @BucknellJayhawk3

    Most coaches were not aware that he could and did skip the 12th grade and became eligible. I am going to guess that the few college coaches that actually scout European players were looking at him as a 2015 recruit. Coach Self scored a major coup, with long term repercussions, with this signing.

  • And a couple of videos of him that I saw he actually PASSED THE FREAKIN’ BALL WHILE IN THE PAINT.

  • @Blown The only curious thing is why it took so long. Same with Tharpe.

    Tharpe goes 5 or 6 weeks and doesn’t transfer. Graham visits, Tharpe leaves, Graham signs, Graham says that Tharpe leaving impacted his decision.

    Then, White goes 6 weeks and doesn’t transfer. Nothing has changed since the end of the season. Then, KU “recruiting” SM becomes public. Just a day or two later, AW3 transfers. Then KU signs SM.

    Maybe no connection. But maybe there is …

    “Svi will not start over Greene” – Ok, but will he “play” over Greene. Starters, say Mason, Selden, Oubre. Next ball handler CF or Graham. Have to have that. Does Self bench SM and play Greene? “Immediate impact” doesn’t happen on the bench. Self isn’t playing more than 5 rotation guys, and we know that four will be the major bulk, with the 5th generally getting scraps.

    @Blown What say you?

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