The top brass at Texas have always approached athletics wrong. They seem to have this generic concept that “producing a winner” is the only factor in building support, so they need to get that done now, at any cost. That probably works for raising money. But for fan support… Texas is still a football state. Drive around in every populated place and you will see huge football stadiums and you will wonder where all these universities came from. They aren’t universities… but high schools! So, on paper, Texas is a winner when they sign a big player or two. Or hire a coach with some momentum behind his name. None of this addresses the culture in Austin. None of this is a well-rounded concept for developing a winning strategy that will carry forward year after year. This same strategy of attempting to be the “biggest and best” was used in the formation of the Longhorn Network… which has been, by far, the biggest negative towards the Big 12 overall. I bet every single Texas fan would trade the Longhorn Network to be back in our original Big 12. Texas fans miss that battle with A&M… as well as quality games with Nebraska and Mizzou. And then… what about the lost prestige of Big 12 football! Texas was only thinking about themselves when they participated in destroying the REAL landmark game of all college football: Nebraska vs Oklahoma. But their vision was shortsighted because they have been hurt as much as anyone else with the loss of this game. Neb vs Okla brought STATUS to the Big 12! Look at where the Big 12 is positioned versus the SEC in football. That is all I need to say.