Jessica Krug. Wow.


    What does the fact that her work was considered ground breaking and genius tell us until they realized she’s not black? This story just blows my mind. Wild.

  • @approxinfinity

    The research is what it is.

    Her backstory is what kills her credibility. She grew up in Kansas City. Even if she hadn’t claimed to be black, she falsified her backstory in a way that would probably have destroyed her academic career either way. I’m surprised it wasn’t discovered earlier, although she changed her appearance to appear more black. With the internet now, its fairly easy to trace someone back to at least college, if not further.

  • @justanotherfan I’ve been pretending to be an idiot for 62 years now. Nobody has caught on yet.

  • @justanotherfan if the research is solid, people shouldn’t be trying to invalidate it now, and just focus on her backstory. This shows that someone is capable of doing great work in a field that they might not have had full access to if they had been screened out. I think denying the validity of her work is a mistake, and can be seen as discriminatory. Would she have achieved what she has achieved if she wasn’t passionate about her work? Clearly she is dedicated to the field. Is this field only fully accessible to people of color? Also, maybe she’s crazy. But hey, maybe Joan of Arc was crazy too.

  • I’m sure her presenting herself as black didn’t hurt her case to get hired at GW. The academy is a very identity-centric place nowadays, so she might have intentionally presented in such a way to match her identity and research focus, which in my judgment is a breach of research ethics. I’m sure she said she was black in applying for funding reserved for minorities and that kind of thing.

  • Yeah. I get why people are mad. I also think it’s funny and interesting. Like I found Tonya Harding funny and interesting. Wouldn’t wish an ice skater from “the wrong side of the tracks” to hire a hitman to kneecap her ice queen rival. But now that it happened, it’s an interesting train wreck.

  • I’m curious if the author of this CNN article would have found her “self-righteous” rant repulsive and would have had the courage to say so prior to Krug being outed. Self-righteous is self-righteous regardless of skin color, right?

    What got to me most about the Krug “performance” was a video that surfaced of a talk she did at Harlem’s Studio Museum about her involvement with a community-led police monitoring group called Harlem Cop Watch. As someone who actually grew up in the Bronx and actively reported on police violence in the 1990s, I was repulsed when I watched her self-righteous rant about her youth in the Bronx constantly witnessing acts of police brutality, describing one against her brother, and even alluding to the horrific police shooting of Amadou Diallo in 1999, which she claimed happened “around the corner from my home.”

  • Let’s all pretend to be doctors or maybe Pocahontas.

  • @Hawk69 who are you referring to pretending to be a doctor, Trump? That one is orders of magnitude worse.

    Pretending to be Native American or black for personal gain is not great, but 🤷♂ I think it’s a little silly for Krug to identify it as a “violent act”. I’d be more inclined to call pretending to be a doctor, leading to loss of life as a violent act.

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