Don Jr Rising Republican Star

  • For those who excuse Don Jr for “just being Don Jr”, the face of Republican corruption is alive and well.

    Anyone want to take a guess as to what his political future looks like?

  • Republican Party should go ahead and change its name to the Trump Party because that’s where it is heading.

    If he wins in November I expect a Trump relative to run every four years for as long as they can.

  • If Trump loses he’ll flame out pretty quickly. Americans don’t like losers.

  • I don’t think his success is contingent on DJTs. It may save his career if it isn’t tethered to a disasterous second term. Then the loyal Trumpers will see him as a champion of what might have been. I think he’s positioned well to run after Trump loses.

  • The party will move on. Probably to someone like Pence, Cotton, or Hawley. Nikki Haley and Tim Scott are in a very high tier as well. If Trump gets buried (too soon to tell) the party will dump him like a bad ex. The last two incumbents to lose (Carter and HW) were basically pariahs in their parties for more than a decade after their losses. Unlike Don Jr, W Bush actually had a real career and record of his own to run on, as successful businessman and governor of Texas. The sharks are circling around the Trumps in case they lose.

  • Ivanka might be before jr. In her speech she acted like she had done much of the work, we we we. And I.

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