Things just keep getting better and so the drama continues

  • Sorry guys not directly KU , but still NCAA didn’t really know what to put this under. - -Boy Will Wade is really getting the heat at LSU.

    There is an article reported by Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports Saying the NCAA states the Wade was offering or providing impermissible benefits to at LEAST 11 recruits or others around them these impermissible benefits included cash payments. 2 former LSU Basketball were listed on the business ledger of Christian Dawkins .

    The Payments occured in 2015 where Wade arranged for offered and or provided impermissible payments including cash , to AT LEAST 11 perspective student athletes , family members , including associated with and or non scholistic Coaches inn exchange for the prospects enrollment to LSU.

    NCAA is persuing infractions and wants the case assigned to the IARP. Wade was heard making a strong ass offer for a recruit on a Federal wiretap that happened in 2019 made to Dawkins who was a middle man for an NBA agent - - this whole NCAA thing is nuts.

    Not only the LSU BasketbalL program but the LSU football program very well might be in trouble for when Odell Beckman was giving LSU players cash and then they might be in trouble for a former lineman that played for them name of Alexander - - what ya gonna do. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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