Surfin' again on Safari!

  • WHHAAATT? Hey, went to my reflexive “buckets” bookmark in Safari (Mac), and the site loaded! I haven’t updated anything, so I assume you did, @approxinfinity – thanks! . I’ve been using Chrome for a few months only for this site.

    More excited than I probably should be about this, but good things are hard to come by these days. RCJH

  • @DanR said in Surfin' again on Safari!:

    good things are hard to come by these days

    We were pretty excited the other day when our neighbor installed a string of blinking white lights above her porch. Biggest event around here in weeks!

  • Ha. I guess that’s probably been fixed for a while then. Also, I think we are going to string some light on the deck ourselves. I’m trying to project where everyone will be in several months now and buy stuff before a coronavirus induced run on it. E.g. lights. We bought a few standing lights for the house a couple days ago and then they shot up in price.

  • Short lived excitement. Back to not loading. Oh, well.

    Deck lights might boost my spirits, so I’ll check into that too.

  • It may have to do with the cert we use. I’m not sure tbh. Sorry I haven’t fixed this. It’s out of my comfort zone and I gave it a shake but I’m not sure the answer atm

  • @approxinfinity It’s not a big deal right now since there are no sports. 😷

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