The Basketball Tournament

  • In case you missed it, The Basketball Tournament (TBT) kicked off yesterday on July 4.

    After last year’s debacle with Perry going down and everyone else playing like s*^t, it’s not a big surprise that there’s no KU alumni team. ☹

    I can also save you the trouble of asking whether any Jayhawks are playing in the tourney: Nope. As of yesterday, Tyshawn Taylor and Nadir Tharpe got bounced along with the rest of the Stillwater Stars. They glommed on to the OK St alumni team and it didn’t go well.

    On the bright side…and despite my disappointment in any real Jayhawk representation…it’s great to see live basketball again! Some of the stories are fun, like when you’ve got little-known brothers from Marshall shooting lights out.

    I actually meant this to be a fun post, so ignore my opening lines and check out the TBT if you’re feeling hoops-deprived. It’s a spectacle.

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