Ok, I understand , & you have the right and yet.

  • Boy , howdy guys been battling with myself on this and trying to figure out how to state this. It can be a very touchy delicate conversation and believe me by no means am I here to offend anyone , I questioned if I should even type this or not , yet It feels like something I need to ber able to open up and express my feelings and hopefully others can too without this becoming a war of words , and it it starts to come to that then I’ll kindly ask the moderators or whoever can is able to - - then lock the post down and I will not be the least upset, hopefully this is something that can be talked about maturely as fellow adults.

    So with that being said let me say from the very beginning that I AM NOT , I repeat I AM NOT in any way shape or form in the least a racist person. I have many , many , many very close black close friends. So been wondering arguing within myself , Has this George Floyd thing gone to far ?

    I mean was what happened wrong ? - -YES , beyond a person’s wildest imagination was so wrong , So people protested ? YES it’s called freedom of expression , it’s ok to show your expression , changes need to be made. Having said that there is a HUGE difference between protesting - - - and RIOTING & LOOTING & VANDALSING . - -there is no reason , none what so ever for rioting. your destroying a lot of your own race mall business - -business these individuals have busted their ass for and struggles to make mere pennies hanging on by a string a lot of them. Then you have individuals Whites Blacks who the f - - - ever, seizing the chance in destroying robbing and whatever else because that’s what they do , taking every single opportunity they can to benefit themselves, not thinking about those people of their own color. That kind of crap benefits nobody , plain an simple. People have the right to assemble - - NOT to riot.

    Other things I understand it deserves National attention , but yet I mean I myself just think it’s time to put this to rest now , let the law makers do what they need to do to straighten this crap out- - - – National TV exposure every day for hours on end ? - -It’s time to put it to bed , let this man ( George Floyd) rest in peace now. Even his own brother telling people to STOP the violence.

    Now we are hearing about of kinds of people of color people coming out of every where and media telling about how they are abused - - That’s so sad to hear - - but WHY NOW ? - -why not it be told when it happened - - not months/years ago. - Actually heard a % and in reality White un armed men are almost double being beat up by Police then Black men DOUBLED. - it doesn’t matter really what race you are , there is no room - - no excuse NONE what so ever for Police brutility rather your BLACK - - - WHITE - - - RED - - -YELLOW - -TAN - -BLUE no place for that crap.

    Yet brings me to this. NOW , there are many states talking/acting on changes, yes changes have to be made - - BUT to abolish the Police Dept? - -that is just insane , are you fricking serious ? the Dept in Minnesota is abolishing their’s crime gonna run rampant. The one thing to keep in mind and think about before such drastic actions be made - - -think about how you want this the next time your wife - - your girlfriend - is being raped/molested - - you get your car stolen/vandalized - - -your getting the hell beat out of you/mugged - -your house is being broke into - - - your kids get kidnapped, - -remember then how people wants to abolish the Police, and you wondering where the hell they are in YOUR time of need/protection

    OK, well thanks for letting me use this time - - and our Crimson space. - - I do really care for all my buddies in this room , and I may be out of place for posting this and if I am I am truly sorry and apologize not trying to offend anyone this is just something I’m trying to get a grip on.

    This Nation right now is in such turmoil/ unrest it’s sad times for this Proud Country. - -If you feel the need to lock this down I fully understand. If you feel like to comment respectively awesome again not looking for a war to break out and as always - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG MY KU FRIENDS

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