Newsflash! Baseball players and owners are greedy

  • I haven’t followed each and every step of this drama, but reminder baseball people:

    A sports starved public has seen their lives upset in unimaginable ways.

    Huge numbers have died, awful, solitary lonesome deaths in hospital.

    Many others suffering in hospitals, alone, no families at their sides.

    People afflicted with other illnesses or accidents forced to also live in hospitals alone, sometimes to their death.

    Jobs are lost. Businesses decimated.

    Investments lost, life savings gone.

    Life events, reduced to mere moments, happy still, but not the way in which people ever imagined their wedding, or graduation, or milestone birthday or anniversary.

    Vacation plans scuttled. Moneys lost.

    And yet two sides in our other favorite sport can’t come together, and say, ‘you know what, I guess I can survive on 2 million this year instead of 4 million.’ Owners, billionaires many times over all or most can cancel the upgrade on their Rolls Royce this year so they can come closer to meeting the players demands.

    You know, for the American People. For the uncle in the nursing home who’d love to watch his team once more. For the 8 year old just learning to love this glorious sport. For the 56 year old with hopes of a great season for the first time in over a decade.

    I love this game too much to say enough, I’ve had it. But they’re making it harder and harder.

  • There will be a time when baseball ceases to exist and we will all point to this season.

    They could have been playing baseball in April and have brought people back to the game who had quit watching. They would have been the best thing to watch every night for months. It could have been America’s past time again.

    But both sides blew it.

    But the players are the only one’s who got hurt by not playing tbh. Owners don’t really care. This is what you have insurance for.

  • @wissox haha Breaking News!!

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