KU Sports - Congrats Morris twins

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    Big congrats to Marcus and Markieff for getting paid. Sun’s picked up their options for 2014-2015. They must have had a great off season and ready to bring it on this year.

    “Twins hit jackpot: The Phoenix Suns have picked up the 2014-15 team options on the rookie contracts of former KU players Markieff and Marcus Morris, according to valleyofthesuns.com. Markieff will make $2,989,239 and Marcus $2,943,221 next season. Markieff makes 2,091,840 and Marcus $1,987,320 this season.”

  • Thanks for finding this. I’m glad for the twins and that is a lot of money 🙂 !!

  • I’m sure they are taking good care of their mom, Angel. She lucked out having not one but TWO millionaire sons. She deserves it though.

  • Both twins look like they are in for a long NBA career. That’s great news. They continued to work hard after leaving KU and deserve earning a big paycheck for many years to come!

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