So Zion ,let's seeare you guilty >

  • So Zion - - is your kettle black? - If I’m not mistaking wasn’t there some rumblings possibly we offered you ALSO some illegal activity ? or tried ? Might be wrong but could of swear that we were trying to see if we couldn’t do what we needed yes , no maybe ?

    See Zion the reason I’m asking there is a lot of talk from this agent you was dealing with , that your now having problems with possible lawsuit right ? - -Seems that she is saying that you received illegal benefits from Duke ? Naaaaaa ,that can’t be , Duke and the honorable coach K WOULD NEVER do that right ?

    So here is the thing then Big boy /Zion , here’s my question , if your kettle is squeaky clean then WHY are you trying to get a protection order against here so you don’t have to disclose or that be allowed in your case with her. – I mean I dunno , you know big boy just a curious Joe here - - just saying ya know. I mean if that didn’t happen , you receiving illegal benefits from Duke GOD FORBIDE - - NOT DUKE that would never happen , so if it DIDN’T happen I guess my question would be why the protection order NOT to have it allowed? so you could get that all cleared up big boy - - just saying. I mean I’m just a broken down old wrinkly average Basketball junkie I don’t know squat right ? just makes it look kina Devilish - - lmao - -get it Zion Devilish ? - -little play on words get it - - get it - - Devilish ? - -oh I kill myself sometimes sorry Zion - -now don’t get Duke Blue Devilish mad don’t do that.

    Anyways Zion sorry to bother you but maybe you could clear that up for me ? - - -Oh ya one last thing - how is the folks ? - -they enjoying the house? Money ? - -Good ,glad to hear

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