Heard and found something kind of interesting

  • they were talking about how if they had to limit fans in the Phog this coming season , how would effect revenue they was guessing KU made in revenue off Basketball so they listed the top 5 in revenue they were: Last yr they went like this.

    Louisville was #1 -Kentucky was # 2nd - - Indiana was # 3 - -Duke was # 4 - - & then KU was # 5

    Looked it up after they said it came from Forbes , - now here is how it goes for a 3 year average :

    Kentucky average is 56 million - -Louisville is 53.6 million - --Indiana is 37.5 million - - -Duke is 35.4 million - - & KU is 34.1 million for a 3 year average of revenue. - -HOWEVER when it comes to revenue profit it goes like this :

    Kentucky revenue profit - - -31.2 million - - - Louisville - - -29.2 million - - KU - -18.7 million - -Indiana - - -17.1 million - - - then Duke - - -14,1 million. - -So KU goes from 5th overall revenue , to 3rd in profit revenue -pretty interesting

  • I’m not saying those numbers are right or wrong because it’s hard to say how properly expenses are allocated. However, KU generates big time bucks and donations off of basketball. I’d bet 80% of KU’s donations are basketball centric (if not more). I’d hate to guess how much KU would lose financially if we couldn’t accommodate the larger donors. KU’s very top heavy in donations and you probably want to find a way to get every donor $5000 and up in the building. And depending upon what percentage of seats they can use (students have to get some), I don’t think they can do that unless they cut the number of seats each account can buy. I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision on that stuff because it certainly won’t be easy and when the finances of the entire department are dependent upon basketball. Yikes.

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