Long & Girod talking misc things

  • Was just listening on the Local Sports talk show, & they had Jesse Newell on.

    They was talking to Girod and they were saying how great it would be if they could come up with a vaccine before Jan 1st and Girod said ya it would be nice , and he said he didn’t even want to look at the projected numbers. -As we all know KU Basketball is the main revenue maker for which we all know - - -they talking like what it would look like in the Phog and what kind of effect it would have on the game with the amount of fans in the stands - -they are talking 2,000 or 3.000 fans Girod & long talking about what it would be like. That would be ugly , hell they are STILL talking about that’s IF there is going to be a sports Season. I fully believe that ya there will be BUT it’s not going to be a far from normal one the way they talk.

    Then they got to talking about the football and saying well for football they would be fine saying Capacity is 47,00 and they looking at probably able to allow of 15,000 to 16,000 which the host made his little remark said well the attendence wouldn’t change then which isn’t to far from recent truth. - -OH man sounds like this is going to Suck. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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